From the Insight Garden

When my eyes rest on you
flower from the Insight Garden,
My heart glows like a live charcoal,
When you flash your smile on me,
It is like the soft touch of the early sun
intertwining with the gentle breeze of dusk,
At the mention of your name
a muscle of excitement pulses in my stomach,
When I lie on my pillow at night,
My mind adores you till daybreak,
At the sight of your face
eternal satisfaction sweeps my soul,
Your worth is more than rubies
put together with fame,
I’m so fortunate to fall into the trap of your love,
I’m so delighted to be the pillar of your side,
For better or worse I’ll be with you,
In sickness or death I’ll never leave you.

Sweet Dreams

I’m writing in blank verse
‘Cause in rhymes I can’t confess
Word for word my feelings for you.

So take this blank verse, my love
And read in the moonlight above
Then dream of me through the night.

I write to tell you about my day
I was in the field, tormented by the sun’s rays
But it’s over now; tomorrow will be better.

I’ll sure see you in the morning
Smile when you see me coming
‘Cause I’ll bring good news beyond measure.

Let me pause here and say this:
I love you so much and hunger for your kiss
Can’t wait for tomorrow. Sweet dreams, my love.

Nominated for Sundress Publication’s Best of the Net Anthology, Kufre Udeme is a strong-willed Nigerian writer, poet, photographer and philosopher with an artistic commitment to confronting and defeating blind (founded on ignorance or prejudice) criticisms of Africa and Christianity. He has written columns for local newspapers and his poetry has been published extensively in many countries of the world. He is also the publisher and Chief Editor of Awhile Journal, and you can visit his blog at
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