The Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the world’s premier travel destinations, known for its Himalayan mountain scenery, Buddhist dzongs, happy people, and most notably its commitment towards gross national happiness (GNH) rather than focusing primarily on GDP. The country has loads to offer the sightseer, the spiritual seeker, the culture vulture or the just plain curious. Here’s a look at what you can see in a typical one-week trip to the main sights of Bhutan’s western region.

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images: UB Hawthorn (Creative Commons BY-SA)

Note: The Tourism Council of Bhutan covered my expenses while I was in Bhutan. I was not told I had to write positive reviews and I was not told that I cannot write anything negative. The intention of the press trip was to familiarize the writer with the country so as to convey that information properly to readers. To properly write about a destination in travel writing means to have actually travelled there, which is not always the case in travel writing. This was a place I had wanted to write about, but given the financial reality of travel writing this was not a possibility without some form of financial assistance. This arrangement did not affect the objectivity of my writing in any way.