Last updated on January 27th, 2019 at 06:44 am

Water Will Be The Oil Of The 21st Century

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Only 2.53 percent of all water in the world is fresh water. 69.56 percent of all fresh water is frozen in glaciers and polar caps, meaning only 0.77 percent of all Earth’s water supports the entire world population.

Right now, the world uses more than half the available fresh water supply and by 2025 that will be 90 percent (Source: IMF).

“Fresh water needs exceed population growth.” (Source: UN Food & Agriculture Organization).

On average, each person in developing lands use 20 to 40 litres of water per day. In Canada, each person uses 350 litres per day for personal use. The second most profligate wasters of water in the world. Total per capital water consumption in Canada = 628 litres per day!

5 percent of all water usage in Canada is used “outdoors.” That’s 539,838,400 Litres every day, costing taxpayers $289,893.22 per day or $105,811,025.30 every year!

What can you do to preserve Canada’s precious fresh water supply?

– Rain barrels are heavily subsidized by most cities. Contact your city now to find out about your local rain barrel program. Installing a rain barrel will pay for itself in reduced levies, taxes and fees in just three years, based on an average household of four.

Infographic source: Dynamic Gutters