Nowhere in the world can the drastic negative effects of globalization be seen as in Ladakh, India, where it took a mere 10 years to go from peace and stability, to dissent both political and religious, and extreme poverty. This excellent documentary shows how globalization—driven by consumerism—is at the centre of what ails our planet and its inhabitants. It validly argues against the concept of global trade and world markets, and for localization in not only farming, but also banking and trade in other goods that could all be made locally.

The Economics of Happiness, a project of ISEC (International Society for Ecology and Culture) describes a world moving simultaneously in two opposing directions. On the one hand, government and big business continue to promote globalization and the consolidation of corporate power. At the same time, people around the world are resisting those policies—and, far from the old institutions of power, they’re starting to forge a very different future. Communities are coming together to rebuild more human scale, ecological economies based on a new paradigm—an economics of localization.

“A powerful new film that cuts deeply to the heart of the global crisis. Magnificent!”—David Suzuki, author, television presenter and environmentalist

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