Last Updated: March 25th, 2019

Insightful Encounter

We met in a realm
in which your eyes,
the colour of honey,
were charged with sorrow,
the pain of your memories
hung from them
like still drops of water,
your words travelled down
into my soul,
penetrated me like spears.

You spoke more than one language;
You were a calm ocean
resting on the sand,
shimmering and singing a tune,
a voice that did not judge.

You were the insight and the kindness
you proffered,
the warrior and the knight,
the Buddha and the child,
you were the master of longing,
the grace of introspection.

Our souls fused for a moment,
and together
we reached the intimate fabric of peace.


the moonlight will colour your dreams,
who knows
what you will marvel at
as you swim in your solitude
following the whispers of the ocean.

I think of the ocean
and I choke
sensing how far it is
in time and space,
how distant and elusive
it becomes
as I long for it
and fear it
the way I flee
from the memories that don’t exist
and the serendipity of our parallel realms.

Julia Hones is a writer of poetry and short stories and her works have been published in various literary journals and anthologies. To find out more about Julia’s published and forthcoming material, visit her literary blog.

image: Fabio Ricco (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA)