Eat Seasonably CalendarIn just a few generations our diet has changed immeasurably to the point where “eating organic” and “natural farming” have become buzzwords that in actuality are just practices that were the norm before chemical agriculture came to dominate. The modern Western diet now looks almost completely different from its traditional counterpart. Preservatives are used to keep foods fresh, colouring agents are added to keep foods looking better and ripening gases are used to make products ripen more quickly. All this extra processing work to make foods do something they were not meant to do so that we can eat foods out of season.

To eat seasonally means to eat what nature provides at give times of the year. Because it is what nature intended it is simply the healthier way to eat. Eating seasonally also connects us with nature because we’re eating in tune with natural rhythms. Follow the calendar below to find foods that work for you according to the seasons or visit this page to use an interactive version of the calendar that lets you search by fruit or vegetable.

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels