Meaning shows up not when you really want it, but when you’re ready for it. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, coming to a deeper understanding of life stems from a deep yearning to know and make sense of your existence. It requires a passionate and focused mind that’s willing to lay the drama of everyday life aside in the quest for deeper answers. Once this is done, you must demonstrate a trust and faith that the request will be answered by releasing any expectation of immediate answers or new insights. The key is to present an intention and true desire to know, while at the same time releasing any “need” to have it right now.

If truly ready for the real answers, no matter how busy or stressed you are, the answers will make their way into your life. “Tapping in” is all about intention. Excuses that keep you from “tapping in” include being too busy, too stressed or too overwhelmed with everyday life. These excuses keep you from the knowledge about life that would sincerely change your circumstance in a very positive way. The old saying, “where there’s a will there’s a way,” couldn’t be any truer.

Once having established the intention of wanting to know more about the meaning of life, the next step is to pay more attention to how information in the world flows to you. You can look in front of yourself and see if you can see how it is part of your answer. Like magic, what looked mundane or ordinary becomes an extraordinary moment of transformation, as a new world unfolds right in front of our eyes. Below is an example of a rough step-by-step process:

  • State a true desire to know every morning and evening
  • Adopt the critical attitude that life is happening for you, not to you
  • Take a deeper look at every encounter you have and ask, “What’s being offered to me in this?”
  • Question old beliefs that don’t serve you or answer your questions
  • Trust that life is always supporting you and will serve you when the time is right

By doing this consistently, you’ll begin to see the answers in everything you experience, from the people in your life to the movies you watch. It’s not that the same meaning was not present before, but your renewed state of mind will make you more aware of its existence in everyday life. With this new gift of awareness, you’re always given free will. Just because you now see it differently, it doesn’t mean you have to change anything about your life. A little fair warning though: with a change in awareness often comes an immediate change in your overall perspective and outlook on life. In this case, it’s almost always a good change as you begin to see more of the meaning, purpose and connection of all things in existence. You become forever transformed.

Living a busy, stressed-out life is absolutely a choice. If this is the life that you’ve chosen please know that it’s not an impediment to any of the beautiful knowledge of the meaning of life that awaits you every single day. It’s not a matter of time or even effort. It’s a matter of intention. Ask yourself: are you truly ready? How badly do you really want to know?

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Howard Falco is an international spiritual teacher and author of a powerful new book on self-awareness titled, I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are (Tarcher/Penguin) After going through a massive experience of enlightenment in 2002 he has been dedicated to sharing the powerful insights he experienced about life. He teaches and speaks on the power of the mind and the creation of personal reality. More about his work and schedule can be found at

image: Ryan Hicks (Creative Commons BY-ND)