Damanhur, an amazing intentional community located in the Italian Alps, has begun an international network to activate the connection between trees and humans: The Global Tree Network is a worldwide campaign of awareness and celebration of the relationship between humans and trees.

Damanhur is an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values. In 2006, the United Nations declared Damanhur a future sustainable model for the way humans can live peacefully together. Damanhur has become a laboratory for the Future of Humanity. Through community, spirituality, research and action, Damanhur promotes a culture of peace and equitable development through solidarity, volunteerism, responsibility for the environment, art and social/political engagement.

The Global Tree Network is an effort to orient trees around the world. Through an energetic, vibrational connection to Damanhur, people with a specially made Damanhur pendulum circle a tree (preferably a mature tree of great stature) thereby igniting the connection between trees and humans. Once enough trees in a given area have been oriented, the energy of the area rises until the oriented trees are able to send out a higher vibration to all other vegetation in the area through their root system. This invigorates the whole area with a higher healing vibration for all humans and the entire natural world in the surrounding area.

On the Damanhur community blog (January 6, 2012) Esperide Ananas wrote:

Human presence and intention are indispensable to re-establish the spiritual connection with the tree world: we have forgotten that we are all part of the same living and spiritual ecosystem. The orientation of a sufficient number of trees all over the world will create connections so complex that plants will unite and become like a huge living computer. Trees will process data at a level sufficient to interact with the intelligence of Gaia herself, and intervene to re-establish an ecological and climatic balance. We humans will retrieve an important part of our collective soul, a step toward the indispensable wholeness on the path to realize our divine nature. This orientation will send a new signal to the galaxy—a sign of a new level of consciousness being awakened on the planet.

For the past few years The Boulder, Colorado, Damanhur group has been working to find people interested in participating in a three-year Boulder/Damanhur Mystery School, with teachers coming from Italy four times a year. Various workshops have been held to introduce Damanhur to the Boulder-Denver area. Currently the group is participating in Damanhur’s Global Tree Network. Since January 2012, people around the world have oriented over 14,000,000 trees and the group in Boulder has started the program in this area.

Other research around the world about the importance of trees is emerging. Dr. Andrew Weil has brought forth Japanese research studies about the physiological impact of spending time in the woods; he calls it “forest therapy” or “forest bathing.” Measurable health benefits of communing in a forest include lower cortisol levels (stress hormones), lower blood pressure and pulse rate and increased activity of natural killer cells (NK cells) which help to fight both infection and cancer. Japanese researchers now report that three days spent in a forest raises the natural killer cells by 50 percent and lasts up to a month!

Dr. Weil also states that we are creatures of nature and that we cannot enjoy optimal physical or emotional well-being if we have too little contact with nature. Connecting with nature is an “innate human need—as real as our need for food, sex, love and community.” John Springer, (Tree Advocate for the Executive Board of the Florida Urban Forestry Council) has discovered through years of research that each tree species has a different energy signature. The energy of a Mother Tree or Wisdom Tree—a tree that carries the wisdom and knowledge of the area—can be felt just by sitting near it.

So, whether you want to reach out to the galaxies as the Damanhurians believe possible if enough trees are oriented or you are simply interested in stimulating your immune system, Damanhur invites you to join in this project. To join the Global Tree Network, or for information on the Damanhur Mystery School in Boulder, Colorado, contact Mary or Nina at 303-444-4040. To find out more about the Damanhur community go to www.damnhur.org.

Mary Kirk, the founder and owner of Dignity Care LLC, a Boulder based homecare company which provides “Heartfelt Homecare,” has been a seeker of wisdom her whole life.  Having visited Damanhur in 2006, she has been working to start a Damanhur Mystery School in Boulder.