Something happened on December 21, 2012. Those of us who celebrated and otherwise marked this Birth 2012 event know that we moved through a cosmic portal into a new cycle, a new age where love, light and life are supposed to rule the day. So what, one might ask, are the evidences of this change? The world continues pretty much as it did before. Wars continue in the Middle East, parts of Africa and other places. Gun violence seems to be increasing in the United States. Financial tribulation still afflicts Europe and the U.S. Disappearing glaciers and polar ice confirm the reality of global warming.

Droughts, floods, devastating hurricanes, tornadoes and atmospheric pollution seem to be increasing. And from what I can observe, turmoil in individual lives has not abated. So where are we to look for any evidence of positive change and transformation that movement into a new age is supposed to bring?

The initial change, of course, occurs in consciousness, specifically in the consciousness of those who have awakened to the reality of the creative process that, contrary to all appearances, is still the controlling force operative on Earth. This change is for the most part invisible and vibrational, and though there are some external evidences of its impact in individual lives and in the groups to which they belong, objectively measurable change remains primarily below the level of physical observation.

According to a report that I recently heard on the radio, the vibrational rate of the Earth has risen in recent years from eight cycles to eleven. I have no idea how this is measured or exactly what it means, but I suspect it’s indicative of the movement of the Earth into the new cosmic context heralded by the Birth 2012 event.

So obviously something is moving, something is stirring, something is changing. The origin of this change is in human consciousness and the intensification of current that is occurring there. Though the measurable visible evidences of positive, life-enhancing change on Earth may yet be sporadic and insubstantial, the negative, life-destroying changes, the so-called “doomsday curves,” the unspeakable atrocities, are painfully obvious and there for everyone to see. And I submit that these graphic evidences of disintegration constitute the most incontrovertible proof that life is on the move, that something of tremendous intensity is shaking the very foundations of the planet.

Andrew Harvey hits the nail on the head in this quote from his book Radical Passion: Sacred Love and Wisdom in Action.

In preparation for the birth of the Divine, the entire human race is now going through a global dark night, which will result in a new humanity that has been humbled and chastened by tragedy, so that it may open completely to the mystery of divine grace. This dark night cannot be bargained with, explained away, leapt over or mitigated. It is the destined crucifixion of a communal human ego now clearly revealed to be suicidal, matricidal, dangerous to itself and to the whole of creation. No one and nothing will stop Kali dancing Her terrible dance of destruction and re-creation. There will be no resurrection of an embodied divine humanity without a systematic, perfectly organized, brutally complete crucifixion of everything in us that keeps us addicted to the systems of illusion that are now rapidly destroying everything.

The creative process that governs all life and being in the cosmos is in essence an integrating process—bringing and holding all things together in a beautifully coordinated whole. But it also has a disintegrating or deconstructing aspect, a cosmic waste disposal system. Obviously the integrating work of the universe cannot be fully consummated if there are “systems of illusion” and pockets of resistance such as the self-seeking human ego blocking the way. Insofar as the body of humanity is concerned there’s a massive collection of trash and assorted clutter in individual subconscious minds and the collective consciousness accumulated through thousands of years of subhuman function on the planet. All of this garbage has to be disposed of in the cosmic recycling process. The intensified currents of life referred to above are now stirring things up in this subconscious realm, bringing all of this stuff—this grisly toxic effluent—up to the surface of consciousness and prompting human beings to act in extremely destructive and even barbaric ways. Hence the exponential increase of conflict and corruption, pain and suffering we’re now witnessing in human affairs.

All of this debris has to rise to the surface in order for it to be dissipated and dissolved; this is the only way to clear the subconscious mind and heart of humanity. No one is exempt from this clearing process; even those far advanced on the spiritual path, even those who could be considered enlightened, will experience these negative currents rising up into feeling and thought, bringing “dark nights” and Kali’s “terrible dance of destruction.” This puts those who have found their identity in the wholeness of life, in the truth of who they are, particularly on the spot. Knowing something of what is happening, it’s incumbent on them to override all of the negative and destructive energies surfacing in consciousness with the irresistible current and absolute power of unconditional love.

I like the way Bill Isaacs describes what’s required in his essay The Ending of Separation.

I suppose everyone has had, at one point or other in their lives, a so-called ‘dark night of the soul’—a moment where difficulties have mounted, and where the intensities have seemed very great…. As things proceed it will become more and more important that there are those who are not only unwavering, but happily committed to including and letting be brought into the fire anything and everything that comes into consciousness. This has always been the missing ingredient—a truly safe place on Earth for the factors of distortion to be allowed to pass away. I suppose this is the unadvertised part of the experience of touching the invisible and magnificent nature of heaven. Initially there is joy and thrill, but as we know, what’s equally required is a fierceness of focus.

Yes, a fierceness of focus is essential so that everything that comes into consciousness is immediately exposed to the fire of love that burns at the core of being. All distortions and destructive energies are thereby consumed and the truth of love remains. There may be an inclination to fight or try to flee from the dark energies, but this would not allow the essential work of dissolution to be done. What is required is simply to stay focused, embrace everything that comes into consciousness and just let the fire of love burn whatever needs to be burned. This allows the remaining substance to descend to a level of the creative process where it can begin to ascend again.

It is all part of a grand creative cycle governing the cosmos and there’s no need to become involved in the disintegrative or waste disposal part of this process, no need to even think about it. It all happens automatically as long as attention remains centred in the integrating aspect of the creative cycle. David Karchere beautifully describes the spiritually mature approach in his piece The Rising.

Deconstruction is a natural thing. For the most part, it’s not our business. It seems to take care of itself…. There is something else calling, which is the creative process. There is creation calling; there is glory calling. Part of glory is the composting—part of the glory of the garden is that the compost gets put in the garden. But it isn’t all about the compost. It isn’t about the undoing of the human ego…. There’s something else to be passionate about and to be part of. There is a rising, there’s a coming together, and there is something glorious that’s coming through humanity. That’s the point!

Yes, the point for all who have to some degree awakened to the reality of the creative process is to be absolutely centred in the integrative aspect of this cycle as the beneficent creative power of the universe does its constructive and deconstructive work in birthing a new world. The intensifying currents of life brought by the new cycle may bring up experiences from the mass consciousness of humankind that are extremely uncomfortable and even life-threatening for individuals and humanity as a whole. No matter what the experience, if fierceness of focus is maintained and passion unwaveringly given to unconditional love, the inevitable outcome is glory. It’s as if the universe will say to the Earth and its inhabitants, “Welcome back. Let us join together in making all things wondrously and gloriously new.”

Jerry Kvasnicka, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, has had a varied career as a youth minister, a radio news reporter, a writer and editor for several magazines and journals and a custodian with the Loveland, Colorado school district. Jerry currently edits and writes for The Mindful Word. He has lived at the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community near Loveland for twenty-five years. He can be reached at

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay