Last Updated: January 25th, 2019

What if the emotion of laughter was erased?

Imagine you are about to propose to your girlfriend and finally mustered up the courage to commit. You have invited her to an expensive restaurant, reserved an intimate table closer to the bay windows from where you can gaze at the moon together. Just as you’re about to say “Will you marry me?” you’re interrupted by a cackling sound from the nearby table that doesn’t seem to stop, ruining your moment.

Or you’re reading a great book in a cozy corner of the park, sitting in solitude, reading the part where the killer is about to slash his next victim and get startled by boisterous laughter. The author’s effort to lure you back into the plot just failed.

The world would be soundproof without laughter, with fewer patients in waiting rooms to get Botox punctures on their laughter lines. No more spit sprays when a person suddenly realizes the humour in a conversation and your face becomes his target zone.

What if we replaced this emotion with a blink? Two blinks for “Good One.” Three would be, “I enjoyed it” and more would mean, “That was amazing.” It’s a simple gesture yet effective enough to convey the same feelings. It would certainly surpass those who laugh to ridicule people and others who chuckle with a hint of sarcasm.

In the future, all varieties of laughter would be categorized and archived. It would be like a knowledge bank of all extinct emotions. A treasure chest passed on from the ancestors and preserved as a heritage. Schools would organize field trips and the children would be in awe, visiting the laughter gallery.

There are many of us who haven’t had a good laugh in years. Laughter that would be so intense, it would take away all our sorrows and repair the heartbreaks. It would vibrate our souls and open our hearts to new feelings of love. Today, all we do is mask the pain within. The lips are parted and a sound is created to match it. This is now an expected way of life.

But I do know that the laughter from the heart doesn’t echo the happiness that I once felt. I have my replacement for laughter. How about you?

Nayanna Chakrbarty’s tryst with creative writing was destined, and original writer was born— Her experience in all forms of writing has succeeded in capturing the hearts and minds of readers through her worldwide publications. She is a closet daredevil, and it springs into action when confronted with roller coasters, Himalayan mountain terrains and torrent whirlpools.

Image 1: Close up shot of teenage girls via Shutterstock