Last Updated: November 13th, 2018

~Gloveless Venture~


   Say I must

Go out into the world~

For this is where your love has

Gone and been given away…Then let me pack my

Hunger and thirst as I embark this

Unchosen path I have

Chosen~ Setting

Foot with


Arms to


The nations

Of your loving~

There is no facet of your

Being not worthy of knowing~ I will

Seek every hidden corner of your abundance~

And every blackened crevice of desolation~ Kissing every line

Upon your earth worn face~ Leaving no stone

Unturned in this quest for humanity~

Even within this vehement

Society~ Gloveless I

Will touch the



Be the

Very essence of

The grace and mercy

That you have shown to me~

I will travel lightly~ That I will have

Room to carry the pain and sorrow of so many~

For I have pledged this solemn vow~ To bear witness to

The rise and shoulder the fall~ Through you I shall love the loveless~

I will bite into the rind of bitter-sweet salvation buried

Beneath the weight of worldly sin~ Baptized

Will be my spirit in the muddied

Waters of your forgotten

Ways~ From the

Vault of your



Of long forgotten

Days~ Steal back for you

All that was stolen~ To be rightfully

Restored~ Let me light this path with the wisdom

Of your undiscovered doctrine~ That

All will come know you by

The ceaseless smile

Upon my






To the realization

That I could plummet

To my death this day with

No remorse or regret in my

Heart…But a smile upon my

Face for knowing my soul

Has met its companion~

 And if my soul has

Kissed its beloved flame…

Then what need do I have of these eyes?



I once wanted to tear through

                Every fibre of my anatomy

                              If only to mark the reality

                                            Of my skins own territory…

                                                         Pain was only weakness

                                                                         Leaving my body~ It’s

                                                                                         Presence convincing

That I was indeed alive~

              Little did I realize that I

                              Was dead on the inside

                                              Fearing to let go of

                                                                My stubborn pride

                                                                               To be more than

                                                                                              Alive but now living~

My feet have now

                Been gifted wings

                            By the lesson my

                                          Beloved taught to me~

                                                          It is no longer the impact

                                                                         Of my thunderous feet

                                                                                         Nor my steps velocity…

Destination or speed

                 Not some measured

                                Success in timing~

                                                 It is about the rhythm

                                                                  Of my strides unity

                                                                                 In sync with my body, mind,

                                                                                                  And spirit in harmony~

 In effortless cadence to give

                Myself to this moment completely

                              Herein lies my synchro-destiny~

                                             My beloved graced that I

                                                        Am now made to run free

                                                                        Because no longer am

                                                                                       I trying to run away…


~This Moment~



 This moment be

Slow motion and unrehearsed~ Let

Me not insinuate or perpetuate~ Infatuate

 Lest I disintegrate~ Evaporate by my woeful

 Imagination~ Let me not embellish the beauty

Of what I already have~ Unfurl in the present

And not rehearse the past~ To savour and

Stand upright in this moment~ That

I may lay into the next~ Awake

In this moment~ That I

 May rest in the






I have

Come to

Find that your

Less is so much more~

I crave this absence as much

As your sweet return~ My eyes once

Gazed up~ But then dove deep within this

Nectar pool of silence~ Yet even in understanding

I am jolted in and out of these waters of consciousness~

Where I do too much~ Think too much~ Talk too much~ I

Marvel your ability to drop single words slowly~ Savoured and

Melting upon the swelling bed of my tongue~ For through my

Worldly existence I have birthed the very definition of excess~

A fireworks display of boldness and prowess~ Dismayed and distressed in constant

Duress~ Gorging on knowledge I have stuffed with my pride~ Swollen by my ego

Fed lies~ Mixed with my good intentions tried~ I consumed all this life had to

Offer~ Fast track to enlightenment that I could give so others could

Prosper~ I have thrown my arms out~ Spilling gifts of hard-

Learned lessons~ But I pour forth with such force that

I blur other’s senses~ I beg of you to teach me

This skill of suspended light~ Truth

That simmers into soundless

Sight~ Help me find

Freedom in that





…That I may be universal…

photo courtesy KitAy (CC-BY-CA)

Leila A. Fortier is a poet, artist, and photographer currently residing on the remote island of Okinawa, Japan. Her unique visual poetry is the specially crafted formation of abstract designs. Her work has been published in a vast array of literary magazines, journals, and reviews, and in 2007 she initiated the anthology A World of Love: Voices for Carmen, and in 2010 composed a photo book, Pappankalan, India: Through the Eyes of Children. More information can be found at