Welcome to Earth, young soul, you have much to learn.

In this lifetime you—and because you will now be in a physical form, from here on “you” is the whole you, body and soul—need to learn many things. Some lessons will be completed, some will not. And when those that need to be done have been done, there will be more. But that is for another time.

Since the beginning of time, clear lines of learning have been set down to ensure the soul moves forward and upward. It’s called progress and learning can only be done in a physical body specifically chosen to fit the learning needs of each soul.

Bodies are strange things. The mind that controls them constantly moves them away from turmoil and trouble to places where they feel safe. But that is often not where the learning is. Sometimes you will be frustrated with the pace of your learning—enough to mutiny or request another body. This is not an option. The body can reject the soul, not the other way around.

You will travel roads which seem to make no sense. There will be many detours, many bumps. But rest assured it is the road meant for you. Some lessons will be harsh, others will come to you with no effort at all. All you need to remember is the learning… only the learning.

You must learn to measure life by your needs not your wants and the only comfort you require is that which will make the lessons you must complete on this planet easier. Easier only, because most learning is not easy and many lessons will put you in pastures without a tinge of green.

You must learn to do the correct things, not the popular ones and collect nothing that will measure you by the standards of the alien world of man. You will learn that man will fail you constantly and by clearing your life of those who hold you back, means you finally need no one. Being alone is not the same as being lonely. Aloneness means freedom to learn unencumbered, unless “being together” is the lesson you set out to learn.

Realize your own truth and doing so means not living another’s truth. Awareness comes to some soon and to others later, but it always comes and by removing the Self, you move your soul into place and meaning into the life you live.

There will come times that you need to walk away from things—this will include people close to you—and even though it causes great pain, if by your leaving, all have grown in understanding, success has been achieved.

Listen. Above all things listen. To listen is to learn and learning illuminates the lives of men. With learning comes wisdom and with wisdom comes strength.

Remember, all things are only an illusion until you move them to you and taking care of your thoughts moves nothing to you that you do not want.

Fear nothing. Nothing can harm the soul and once you have learned to care more for the soul than the body, fear becomes a stranger.

You will find the most important lessons are not learned in classrooms, but in life. Learning a lesson once means not having to repeat it. Life’s meaning cannot come from the outside, it is an inside journey that lets no one walk with you.

Time does not move, you move through time and the only time you have is now, so leave yourself open to each moment. Your will is free and guidance only holds choice to you. Choose well.

And when you learn to love, which you will and which you must, remember this: Love is meant only for those who know how to love all things unconditionally. There is no reason to loving, love is the reason for living.

There are many lessons, and as you complete one, you will move on to the next, and the next. Learning continues and will continue into infinity and you need accept only this: When the soul has completed its set out learning it will leave, and the body it lived in will decompose, but the soul will continue to learn.

Do not ask, “How much have I learned?” Rather ask, “Am I at peace?”

Let peace measure your learning and let learning measure your peace.