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When anyone does anything, they always do it with purpose. While it may not be immediately obvious to anyone else or even to the individual, every action is motivated by purpose. This is true of plants, animals and it is certainly true of human beings. All movement is to achieve purpose. Yet, oddly enough, some human beings believe that life, the animating force of everything, is without purpose. Its action is thought to be random, accidental.

Human beings are “designed” and that design contains a purpose specific to each individual. We are multidimensional beings and have multidimensional purposes: physical purposes, mental purposes, emotional purposes and spiritual purposes. The design is amazingly complex, but we’re not left bereft of knowing how to live and act. Some of us have realized that if we express what I call “the true character of being,” the current of that qualitative spirit will take care of our responsibilities, and thereby fulfill our purpose now. Human beings were made “in the image and likeness of God” to give expression to this divine character of being. Out of this expression the larger design of life appears. Quite a simple process actually. But obviously, most of the actions of human beings on Earth are out of sync with this natural design and purpose. Human beings have conjured up their own purposes for their lives and in the process have created a mess on Earth.

We may ask ourselves, “What is my conscious purpose in life?” I would suggest that the most creative and useful ambition would be to express the highest and finest qualities of character in every moment. Many people imagine they have one or two main purposes in life, such as marrying well and achieving financial success. This is a very narrow-minded concept of oneself, of one’s role in life, of life itself, because our every action is intended to be consciously included in the purpose and design of a larger whole.

Some people who are in what they think of as very confined and limited circumstances may feel that their contribution to the greater whole must be very minimal. But this is a false notion of the human mind. As long as a person is giving expression to the true tone and character of life, their contribution is substantial regardless of circumstances.

Adopting a larger perspective we might inquire whether human beings have a particular purpose and responsibility to planet Earth? We could further ask whether the planet has a particular responsibility in the solar system. Does the solar system have a particular responsibility in the galaxy? And does our galaxy have a particular responsibility in the cosmos? Even in their unevolved state of consciousness human beings retain an ability to consider many topics including plants, animals, soil, ecology, the planet as a whole, the solar system and beyond. This would seem to indicate a capacity present for a larger conscious role. It may be futile to speculate now about this cosmic role considering the limitations in the present human condition.  However, human beings do think about such things as God, Being, Spirit, relationships of all kinds, and even other dimensions. All this is a hint of a larger creative role to be played by human beings in the cosmic whole.

Just as the physical bodies of human beings are part of the body of the planet, our bodies are also part of the solar system and part of the galaxy. So also with human consciousness. Our consciousness is part of the planet’s consciousness, part of the solar system’s consciousness, part of the galaxy’s consciousness, the cosmic consciousness. We recognize that consciousness at these levels is much vaster than what we presently experience. Nevertheless we have a part to play at these levels.

How often do we consider the emotional experience of animals, of plants and of fish on Earth? All these are sentient aspects of the design of which we and they are a part. How often do we think of the conscious experience of the Earth as an entity? Or the sun? Probably not often. One purpose human beings serve is to provide a conscious focus of these things on Earth because everything that we’re consciously aware of is our responsibility. I think we can begin to appreciate just how far the human consciousness has fallen from its original function and purpose.

What’s the point of thinking about such things? Maybe in considering these wider subjects we can see ourselves in a larger context and begin to offer conscious blessing to these other sentient aspects of what is actually our body and being in this sector of the universe. Identity may rise to a sense of acknowledging a holographic reality, a recognition that each part is connected to the whole. When the part acts, the whole acts; when the whole acts, the part acts. In this state of transformed consciousness we’re in effect doing everything everywhere, while at the same time constantly surrendering ourselves to the action of the whole. Every action and every moment is part of one grand holographic design, from the atoms in our physical forms to the majestic stellar systems of the cosmos and everything in between. Our physical bodies are part of the planet, part of the solar system, of the galaxy, of the cosmos, of universal being.

When we examine holographic time there is what I would call the “magic” of the present moment. This moment is part of this minute, this hour, this day, this week, this month, this year. And this moment is a part of every cycle of every aspect of my life. So if I express the finest qualities of divine character in this present moment it will creatively affect all the cycles of my life, both past and future. You may ask, “How can my current behaviour affect the past?” The primary factor to understand is that it affects how you interpret the past. If you express a destructive spirit now and look into the past, you will tend to interpret so much more in your past as destructive. Whereas if your expression in the present springs from authentic spiritual values and the true tone of life you can look into the past and see the wonder of how your life has unfolded. And obviously if you’re expressing something beautiful in the present moment, your future will be blessed by this release of radiant energy. Such is the magic of holographic time!

Another characteristic of the holographic moment relates to the fact that every interaction in that moment with another person or thing represents our connection with all other similar forms. For example, if we interact with a man, that’s a very direct connection with all men. If we interact with an animal, that’s a connection with all animals, and so on. Ultimately, our expression in the present moment represents our connection with the whole cosmos.

A wise spiritual teacher may have advised us to “Live only in this moment. You can’t live in the past. You can’t live in the future. Living in the past or in the future is mere imagination.” The same principle applies to our lifespan. Our lifespan seemingly has a blank before it (a blank before birth) and a blank after it (a blank after the death of the form). The point is that just as we exhort ourselves to live in the human moment, so should we exhort ourselves to live fully in our lifetime, viewing our lifespan as a holographic moment in eternity.

In a human moment the whole cosmos changes, and in the planetary experience of its “moment,” vastly more occurs. We could explore this relative experience of a “moment” up through the sequence of forms and systems:  from the planet and solar system up to the galaxy and cosmos and finally into undimensional being. If we were somehow able to experience a universal “moment,” I think we would find that even a planetary “moment” would be scarcely discernible. One result of this different experience of “the moment” in these larger contexts would be that the so-called “fall” period, where human beings lost conscious connection with the divine and cast themselves out of the Edenic state, is as nothing in the larger context. It would be so brief as to be hardly discernible and consequently could quickly disappear from consciousness at any level.

The smaller the physical form (if identity is in the form), the smaller is the experience of the “moment.” The holographic I Am of the cosmos, the cosmic I Am, is experiencing far more than the I Am focus of a planet, a solar system or even a galaxy. If we move into undimensional being, the “moment” is eternity. Or it could be said that eternity is the ever-present momentary experience of undimensional being.

If our identity is in the tiny human form, our contribution to the whole in our little lifetime will seem to relate to the local events of this time and this place. But if our identity begins to be in undimensional spirit, the undimensional quality of being, we may begin to contribute to the expression of life and the experience of the totality of being in all space throughout time. In other words, the supreme experience in our consciousness will be a wonderful quality of being that’s eternal and operates throughout the whole cosmos.

This term, “the cosmos,” may seem to be very large to the human mind in its present limited condition. But in the farthest reaches of dimensional space the same spirit is fundamentally present and acting, and as our consciousness evolves and our minds are restored to true identity in cosmic being we become increasingly absorbed in the creative movement of spirit that is doing everything everywhere. Could anything be more glorious and fulfilling than this?

Born and educated in England, Alan Hammond is a spiritual visionary who currently lives in Colorado. As former president of Renaissance Business Associates, Inc., he spent many years travelling throughout the world lecturing, conducting seminars and workshops, and consulting with men and women in business concerned with providing integrity-based leadership. In recent years, Alan has written a two volume book entitled Your Divine and Cosmic Identity.

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