Is it racial miscues that
prejudice our steadfast ways and
hinder hope’s dignity? Seems
we’re etched between
equality and deadpan feelings
most of the time

Don’t fret our weeping together,
when cultures garnish in uncertain
worlds, we’re
cozily snuggled against forgiving,
frothing sunlight

So we let hopeful ties forge in
proud, spiritual avenues
a necessity in any faithful town.
Our entwined fundamentals
are gently romanced by
people in the street

If we shelter our differences
and wrap misgivings in conspicuous
denial, perhaps
nations will seek stalwart meetings –
ready to accept again

This compassion marries change,
seasons evolve,
and we hunger equality in our
charm endures as seeds of
justice lie dormant in our
barren frost


Sinewy sunlight delights
compelling, oozing warmth to soothe
and nurture our sisters

Softness can fortify
transgressed tears
and ease repentant bodies

Cloaked behind unyielding flaws,
addiction garners force
and we surrender too soon

These tears embrace the
sustenance of drama with
alluring dignity

So sweetly, tragedy coos
a compelling, co-operative

It flows fluidly along
our tongues and
whispers hope

to those who
never dream it.
a wondrous jubilation,
we embrace ourselves

and receive fortitude our
forefathers denied. Like mindful guardians

we deny poverty’s ambush,
watch us mingle in victory
with purpose

and honour stalwart women with
that sad, reckless look
in their eyes


to taste the fires of
compassion’s essence within
just one lifetime, poised to
outshine burning
but caught
within the prison of
judgement and
he eventually concedes

Sworn to secrecy –
a whisper to capture an entire
life’s mindful contentment and
success in this, his last
written on the final and
undeniable obituary page in
society’s newspaper, joyously

Captured within divine
this epilogue
ends with freedom’s refrain.
Banished by eerie silence
years’ quiet distain,
he’s blushed momentarily by
the anticipated memories
of humankind’s redemption

Patricia Bruce is a retired actor living in Western Canada, and is working toward her BFA.  Patricia writes about emotions and quandaries in our modern world. You can read Patricia’s work in:  Poetry Quarterly, Calliope, Crack the Spine and upcoming in Big Pulp.

photo courtesy Martin and Carolyn (CC-BY-SA)