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Moon Illusion

In my study,
I saw the latest pictures of the “supermoon” and thought,
“Do you appear larger when you rise
than when you are near your zenith
because the earth’s atmosphere warps our perceptions
or is it that we’re comparing you to other visible objects near the horizon
which inflates the eye’s estimation of your size?”
I lectured the moon, Socratically, from my study.
Soon I felt sick
walked outside and
Look’d up in perfect silence at the moon.

Buffalo River Aposiopesis

Because I once pulled a canoe
onto a sandbar on the Buffalo National River
and walked up a cold, spring-fed rivulet
until I came to a clear pool with suspended bluegill
stippled by intermittent sunbeams
that were slanting, parallel and mote-filled,
down through the sycamore canopy overhead.
That’s why.


Morning Sunlight

dapples the green water
as sedate ripples crinkle
toward its beams
burning off the dew
from the grass
in mottled patches
filtered through
red oak leaves
and this picture

Joshua Brewer’s most recent writing has appeared in Sargasso, Yemassee, and Scivias.  He recently won a poetry contest which placed his poem on the side of a bus. He is an Associate Professor of English who usually lives beside a lake surrounded by a thousand acres of cornfields. He currently lives beside the Baltic Sea in Poland.

Photo credit: “Peindre la Lune” by Laurent Laveder

Image: A crescent moon and stars via Shutterstock