Dawn peeps through the horizon

head above the dark ashes his light glimmers

The morning star rises above dawn’s nest

drawing the eyes of the world

to its cradled glow –

a tightly woven cloth –

beckons to a promising chapter

another day to pursue and work

On morning stage, now the main actor,

cool rays icy warm

and feverishly beautiful

fat with the illustrious shine

of all the golden riches of the world

Once confined to the world

now higher

a shining beacon spawned from the horizon

separate from it

This entity,

this star

god in the eyes of men

This image of god

and man in his reflection

attempting to rise to the heavens

This image of man,

this image of god

and his aspiration for power

each hour rising higher and higher

a seemingly unstoppable chariot of Helios

races across the sky

shadows on the skin carve a path through the blue plain

its haurient posture at its peak,

breath polishing the evening rain

Darkness begins to creep

tarnishing the entity

gasping softening weakening

Orange fades out of gold

fading belief for the dilute of heart

fading belief for the old

After the time of rising

comes the decline

crashing towards the earth

aura a reddish tint

Helios setting on the Titans, gods and folklore of the land

Shattered mirror

crashing artwork

the fractured image of god

Death a black shadow

spreads across the land

so too faith befalls man

by Andre Green

image: dawn sky via Shutterstock