We only get one body in this life, so, how we feed it, fuel it, and take care of it has a direct effect both on how we feel and look now and how healthy we’ll be in the future.

Our diet is a direct reflection of our health and the same can be said for what we put on our bodies. Is it healthy? Is it organic? Is it all chemical? We only get one chance (body) to do this right. If you’re going to put chemicals and toxins on the largest organ of your body (skin), it only makes sense that these chemicals and toxins will get into other organs, your nervous system and beyond. We’re bombarded with toxins, from pollution to the plastic water bottle you’re drinking out of. And we all know far too many people suffering from the C word. Ten years in the natural product industry and I’m convinced it comes from what we’re putting in our bodies as well as what we’re putting on our bodies.

I’d like to introduce a new C word. CONTROL. While we cannot control much of anything, let alone all the toxins in the world, we can CONTROL what we eat, we can CONTROL what we drink out of and we can CONTROL what kind of products we’re putting on our bodies. We can choose organic, chemically free whole foods to nourish our bodies. We can stop drinking out of plastic water bottles. And we can choose organic skin care over the chemically laden national brands. It may not fix all the problems in the world, but it’ll certainly give you the healthy energy needed to face the day knowing you’ve done your part to get, be and stay healthy. Your body is your temple, treat it as such. You only get one.

By Jeffrey James. Visit his website at Jeffrey James Organics.