The healing breath involves a 180-degree turn. It takes you from a mindset where you thought “taking a deep breath” was the preferred way to breathe to a truer understanding of our natural human respiratory function. Through releasing (giving forth) your breath completely, through the contraction of the abdominal muscles, complete exhalation is achieved. Air intake is effortless, achieved through relaxation of the abdominal muscles. It is based on the respiratory function which is, again, natural. One look at a healthy infant and you can see that the infant pushes out the air through abdominal contraction so that intake is achieved effortlessly as the abdomen relaxes.

What does this mean? Breathing is an involuntary system. We think involuntary describes something we don’t have much control over, virtually no control at all, so we thought. It’s not true, but to make changes to an involuntary system takes dedication via consistent repetition. It takes doing an exercise every day and every night until it becomes habitual. Change happens gradually with our physical being. While some changes seem to happen rapidly they really don’t. The real changes, the changes that align our bodies properly and work naturally, physiologically take an adjustment.

We live in a world that is not particularly healthy. One might ask, “Why does an infant change her breathing? Why does she go from pushing the air out completely and letting the air in without effort to thinking she needs to take a deep breath due to not having achieved complete exhalation?” As an infant matures, respiratory reversal takes place. Instead of healthy respiratory functionality in which air is expelled completely and intake is achieved without effort, a reversal whereby oxygen-depleted air is not completely expelled creates oxygen deprivation and the need to “take a deep breath.”

What causes this change? The answer should be familiar and probably obvious to anyone reading this: a human identity crisis, fear, chaos, imbalance, unnatural lifestyle gradually inherited, etc. From a physiological standpoint, the real quagmire of it all is that one cannot achieve healthy oxygenation without complete exhalation, as the ratio of oxygen per square inch is affected. From an esoteric standpoint, feeling and knowing perfect completeness yields to a needy state where giving becomes an effort other than natural!

We live in a world in which we’re told we need to get things: to receive things because we’re not whole. But we are whole and when we operate from a strong, complete place we’re able to accomplish so much more. With respect to respiratory function, when you completely give your breath out fully, you set up an ideal state of physical being. But it’s more than physical; it spiritual, mental and emotional as well. When you contact the abdominal muscles, you stimulate the internal organs and glands. You completely release the previous breath, so the oxygen-per-square-inch ratio in your lungs is much higher. This is paramount. It’s been proven via pulse oximeter that the Healing Breath increases oxygen saturation in the blood. This is so important and explains why we have so many physician endorsements for the Healing Breath. Doctors see its intrinsic value.

The Healing Breath not only increases oxygen saturation in the blood, it also improves oxygen utilization throughout the body. This is magical. You just feel better. How many doctors currently prescribe anti-depressants? Drug addiction is widespread. The number one cause of death in the U.S. is still medical error. We know that our medical sciences address treating illness more than maintaining health. Healing Breath is like the nitrous oxide accelerator of wellness. It allows you to get much healthier more quickly. It affects you physiologically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

It’s a magical arena—an envelope—where you’re able to let your whole self, your divine being be built and to reap the rich rewards through that building. You’ll have a better memory and your muscles will work better. You’ll have more stamina and more strength. You’ll just feel better—not like you’re missing something. How many people do things today because they’re bored? “Oh, I’m missing this,” or “I need to do that.” Even our relationships are often created because we thought we needed or wanted something versus simply valuing someone and sharing the gifts that we each bring to relationship. Instead it’s more like, “I want this in a person—I really need that,” not a healthy exchange at all. Now, on the drawing board with Healing Breath is the “Healing Breath of Oneness.” It takes the Healing Breath and brings it right into the world of “relationship.” First, it’s the relationship you have with yourself and your Higher Self. But now, you can take that healthier You to share with your mate through the Healing Breath of Oneness.

Stuart Lovett is Attunement Master/Teacher and creator of Healing Breath, a respiratory retraining system which increases oxygen saturation in the blood. Healing Breath can improve and/or accelerate healing from many health conditions, illnesses and diseases such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, high Blood pressure, cancer, weakened auto-immune system, stress relief and many others. Stuart is also a published poet, inspirational writer and nondenominational ordained minister.
Image: happy baby via Shutterstock