Last Updated: January 27th, 2019

Those on an ascending path to mastery want to discover and manifest miraculous truths about themselves as they enjoy living in a harmonious paradise. And yet, despite all our searching, struggle, and work to be better more-powerful humans, there’s precious little to show for it. Evidence? Just check the current state of the world, and I don’t mean current events. How many people alive now are abundant in every aspect of their life as they experience ever-new bliss and contentment?  Looking around we’d have to admit that the honest answer to that question appears to be very nearly zero. So, what’s going on? The answer, as far as I can discern, is we are caught up in semantics.

Ever since at least the Tower of Babel, words and symbols have been used against humanity to prevent any uprising. In addition we all bear the brunt of an entire onslaught via energetic, vibrational, and other-dimensional weapons and techniques. By and large, these techniques have worked although there are rumours of escapees (e.g., Don Juan and crew via Carlos Castaneda and Anastasia via Vladimir Megre).

Years ago I decided to investigate our multi-dimensional prison to see if I could find an escape route. I did this because it was part of my path. So I went on various journeys to investigate the barriers, traps and guards placed throughout the spectrum to keep us from ascending, and it appeared almost hopeless. Let me assure you, the forces trying to keep us down are playing for keeps and will not give up without a fight.

In a very real way, if we identify with the body in any way, then we behave like organisms. As pointed out by Dr. Bruce Lipton, if you have a cell in a hospitable environment, then that cell will do all the things it naturally does—feed, process, eliminate waste, grow, multiply, etc. But if you take that same cell and place it into a hostile environment, then that cell will, by and large, only do two things—defend and try to escape. While under threat, that cell is not experiencing a natural growth cycle.

So there you have it—the opponent’s primary strategy: confuse us so we identify with the body, and then place a constant barrage of threats (real and imaginary) to the physical body in front of us. Naturally, with all these threats surrounding us, we will only do two things—defend and/or try to escape. In other words we become so busy trying to simply survive, we won’t grow in any way that is truly helpful, and we won’t naturally ascend.

However there is a way out—a way they can never stop. We realize a simple truth and become who we really are.

We are spiritual beings

Most of us may have heard the saying that, “You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.” This truth has been glibly spoken at many a New Age gathering, but what does it really mean?

As pointed out eloquently by Nanci Danison, who experienced a profound near-death experience, we are spiritual beings first and we have no real connection to the human body host. Surprisingly, she says the human body can exist at an animal level without spiritual inhabitation. According to Danison, the purpose of our coming into the human body is to experience physical reality. And that is why at death, we so easily discard the flesh and arise to the light with very little to no concern for the physical body.

Your body is not your body. You don’t own it.

However, there are two sides to every even exchange. If it’s true that the spiritual soul gets to experience physical reality while in the body, what does the human host body get? Here are trillions of cells, operating in concert to maintain and grow the physical system, and what do they get of value from the spiritual connection? That question is especially appropriate if our spiritual aspects have become confused and distorted by identifying with the physical reality and/or have become enmeshed in the traps laid therein.

As far as I can discern, the answer to the question of what does the physical body host get, is, almost always, nearly nothing.

It’s a huge waste. There are nearly unbounded capacities lying within the physical body. And up to this point, those capacities have, by and large, not been realized. The physical body can, when fully activated, accomplish such miracles as teleportation, telepathy, time travel, and telekinesis. Realize that none of those miraculous skills are necessary to Source or to a part of the Source. Rather those are miracles inherent within the physical body that our host would like to experience. Let’s commit to making those miracles manifest—simply for the fun of it.

I mean just imagine it—let’s say we had awakened the latent powers of the physical body. We could spend the morning surfing off the North Shore of Hawaii with a few friends, then if we wanted to, we could instantly teleport and spend some time hiking the Pyrenees as we enjoy a couple of crepe suzettes at the top of a mountain, and then if we got tired, we could teleport and go sleep on a cloud above the mountains of Chile. Doesn’t that sound like more fun than the crap we normally fill our days with?

So, how do we get there?

The field is everything

A couple days ago I was asked why we should even bother cleansing our liver, when that liver will totally rebuild and regenerate within a relatively short time frame anyways? Are all these cleansing programs bogus? The answer is that while the liver will rebuild, that new liver will rebuild in a faulty manner because the field, the energies behind that manifestation are being distorted—something like what a beautiful scene would look like through a camera when the lens is cracked, dirty and smudged.

The physical body runs on the fuels and energies that are provided and that sustain it. Surprisingly, much, even most of this fuel is not in the form of food. Rather the physically manifested body, moment by moment, is the result of a thought field (or perhaps a thought sequence). As has been shown over many years now, whatever is manifest in the physical first started as a thought—that is, energy from the Mental Plane. But if that energy has become distorted through fear, then the resulting physical manifestation will be deficient in a myriad of ways.

So how can we manifest a physical body capable of miracles? The answer is we clear and change the field by achieving a Fundamental State of Relaxation.

Fundamental State of Relaxation

Most people are confused by what is meant by the phrase, “Fundamental State of Relaxation.” This state is not the same as exhaustion as you collapse in bed at night. Nor is it that same as lying in corpse pose at the end of a yoga class (that’s actually a sort of a mild stretch). And it certainly is not the same as meditation as most people practice it.

The path to a Fundamental State of Relaxation is to become truly happier than you’ve ever been before and then commit to living at, or above, that level of happiness for each and every upcoming moment. If enough people actually committed themselves to that path, their world would transform in an instant.

The Fundamental State of Relaxation is a state of total confidence and power, knowing that the Universe will instantly move in accordance with your dreams and desires. There’s nothing hidden from you and there’s nothing capable of holding you back. You need no leaders, you need no beliefs—there’s only life to be enjoyed and friends to play with.

The one piece of art that seems to capture at least a portion of this state is the beloved Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Gaze into her eyes, see the uplifted cheeks and lips, see the confidence in her posture and pose. There is a reason why we admire this painting so much.

So, I will end today with some questions to ponder: Can you live a life without following anyone else? Can you listen to the subtle sweet voice within and follow your heart? Can you be and remain open-hearted in the cacophony we now call civilized life? Can you be sweet and kind to everyone and everything you encounter as you go through your day? Will you choose to laugh your way to ascension?

Will you?

By Mark Further ( Reposted with kind permission from ZenGardner.