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Minus Negative

I have been hurt
by those who are closest to me
blood, family
I have tried to identify what I did for them to hate me
sleepless nights lost thinking about those who couldn’t care less about me
dreams interrupted by visions of my family
the same people who were supposed to protect me, respect me
all they did was neglect me

time has passed, I have thought about them less
I no longer involve my emotions
yet I use my logic
I have determined that there is nothing I can say nor do
to change their perspectives of me
however flawed it may be
reality is, my life is good
I have internal peace and am happy
negativity no longer has a place in my mind


I hear you screaming at my brother
you are saying words that are bad
if I say those words I get pow-pow
I don’t know it now, but this will affect my development.
by the time I have kids
my mind will be shaped
and I might do the same
I will think it’s normal
to scream at my kids
and pow-pow them.


Evolution is the truth.

Yet some age and still are youth
repeating the same habits, used
change is nowhere to be found
crawling into a hole underground
time passes, issues never resolved

Evolution is the truth.

An unconfined mind frolics
though age which is only a number,
proof experience appears not unturned
adaptability the reason, confirmed
time flies, not wasted yet learned

His Story

We are all programmed to believe
History, break it down and see that it is
His story
the ideas of a man who once walked
and breathed, did eat
and shit just like me.
But people seem to be intrigued
with His philosophy
and follow it,
though not to a tee.
Selecting sections based on their reflection
of how life should be
according to He.
His story.

The books written are given freely.
Passed along by men from Texas
in a gold necklace
and a white beard.
These books come in various colours and are small
enough to be undiscovered under a lamp, and in a drawer
in any hotel nightstand.
People recite the verses until their
throats are coarse and sore
for the sole purpose of “saving your soul” and so life
isn’t so worthless.
So that it has a value,
if you value the words of
His story.

Notably famous and
known widely, not nameless
different versions, based on certain exchanges
and changes in leadership, attempts to make the words clearer
maybe more friendly for the reader
so that it would be easier
to understand and hopefully believe.
When that’s achieved the control will be under the sleeves,
in the hands of those who lead, keeping a hold on the folk’s morality
in hopes they won’t break formality, and remain silent
staying in the mold of compatibility
His story.

by Summer Fanous

Image: portrait of sad blonde via Shutterstock

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