Journal writing is an escape to a place without judgment, rules and boundaries. An antidote for those of us who judge ourselves too harshly. It doesn’t matter what paper or ink are used. In fact, the words you write don’t even require a lot of care. Spelling, grammar, wordiness, none of it matters in the moment. What matters is how you feel about what you write. Writing can be therapeutic, exhilarating and peaceful, so write down the things that you find stressful and the things that make you feel completely at peace. The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. Writing is a place where a person can just be.

It reminds us where we’ve been and provides us with a glimpse of where we’re going. It gives us memories we might otherwise forget. It can gleam hope when we need that extra comfort. What are your hopes for today, tomorrow and always? What challenges are you facing that you need to roll up your pants and wade into? Many thoughts and emotions will fly like a kite, colourful, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Pick the ones that capture your attention and put them to paper.

Journals are always there when we need them. They’re here just for us, to gather our thoughts, to share our laughter, our tears, frustration and sadness. Words are here for us today, tomorrow and always.

image: JoelMontes (Creative Commons BY-SA)