Last Updated: October 27th, 2018

Be willing to allow. That’s all the universe needs us to do for it to deliver something magical. It constantly looks at our attitude, our way of being, our contentedness with all things, our understanding and acceptance that some things simply are, and the way we voice our gratitude for all things to others. It does not ask for blind faith in some or other doctrine, or that we alter our method of dealing with things—we are still breathing and functioning apparently normally, so obviously doing quite satisfactorily.

To allow the universe to work magic, we have to hold onto magic—be magical—and the way we live our lives is the only magic on which it can base any conclusions and move things to us.

Do we view life as a trial to be suffered through, or is our every moment poised on the brink of the fantastic where customized wands wait in anticipation to be waved?

We will not be sent anything that does not suit our natural rhythm or way of doing. Tulips will not be sent to a rose lover—there would be no point in that; there would be no magic. But, the most perfect rose will be sent with a fragrance so sweet it moves others to beg, “We want whatever that is.”

There are many times we ask, or hope for, or wish for things—many things—but our attitude says “only this” or “not now” or “only like this,” handcuffing the master magician. This is how we manage to get through our lives with a minimum of chaos—with analysis and logic, processing what we believe we can control.

When we say to the universe, “This is what I want, send it,” allowing it to do so in its way, its time and using its delivery method, it waves its wand—scenes are put on the stage, actors moved into position and magic happens.

There is nothing we cannot do or have if we are willing to allow; there is nothing we work towards that will not be a success if we allow the universe to tend the doors; those opened we walk through, those closed we accept—kicking  closed doors only breaks bones.

The opus of our lives is constantly being composed—this is what we do. But it is in being willing to allow the owner of the recording studio the freedom to re-master at any stage that the composition moves from a work of the mundane into a work of splendour.

image: Pixabay