Last Updated: November 1st, 2018


Finding Joy in Life

How do you find joy in life when your world is falling apart?
Is the nature of a lot of my unhappiness that I expect too much out of life, out of others.
That I constantly wish and dream about the future instead of enjoying today.
That I keep thinking about the way things should be, and could be,
Instead of making the most of what I’ve got.
Am I wrong to wish for better?
Am I missing the enjoyment of what I have?
And how does one resolve in one’s head if we are on the right path?
And how do we know when we’re veering of the road entirely.
How do we make the most out of others when we’re not entirely sure of their motives?
How do we love with an open heart and not let spite and resentment and jealousy mire it?
And how do we stop asking questions when we don’t know the answers.

—Ruth Holloway



Courage is to keep fighting when all the fight has gone out of you.
To stand up for what is right when the pressure of doing something wrong is upon you.
To smile when your heart is breaking,
To laugh when you feel you want to cry.
But most of all it is about finding that inner light inside of you,
The one that makes you shine.
To lift others up when you’re falling down.
You have all the weapons you need to fight for the best life you envision.
Have courage to live life to the full.

—Ruth Holloway


Your Guardian Angel

If you feel you have given up please don’t despair.
Your guardian angel is always there.
She has never left and never will.
So think before you take those pills
Times are changing like the moon,
Life will pick up soon.
So let your angel into your heart,
Because neither life nor death can tear you apart.

—Ruth Holloway

image: Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc