A smile so bright

Envelops me in light

Reverberating my soul with its endless echo

Love, love, love

A timeless love so sweet and enduring

A timeless love based on truth and trust

A timeless love that cannot be taken away

It’s inside each and every one of us every minute of every day

Feel the light to remember the truth

Love is not something to give and take

But our very essence, reminding us every move we make

The same seeds lie within all of us fallible beings

Om, Krishna, Hare Krishna

The great leveller reveals our true Selves

In devotion we see the truth in each other’s eyes

How can we act in any way but love when we realize

We are love.

We are all love.

Life is impermanent. Love is not.

Where one of us ends, the other begins

Our collective soul will never die

To know love is to know eternity

Love to live to live to love.




Fertilize the ground for your own deliverance

plant your strength amidst the barren dirt

seeds immersed deep in the Earth

sprout with joyful exuberance

awakening life all around it

bringing the promise of newness

of change and beginnings

growing only upwards

towards the Sun

opening its petals in prayer

taking everything

giving everything

receiving, blossoming and becoming

just being there

always at home in the world

the Flower allows itself to bloom.

The Earth cycles around It, in it, through it

together the Flower and the World exist of each other

for each other.

One petal falls.

Another does too.

The Flower gazes down lovingly

at the Soil below

mesmerized by its birthplace It plunges

the Earth opens and accepts It

welcomes It

just as it is

they are One.

The Earth transforms it and Blessed Be

It becomes again!

Only this time with different petals.

by Sasha Manes