the flow of lifeAn adult heart pumps up to 2000 gallons of blood throughout our body every day, without any need for conscious thought. The flow of life is much like blood being pumped throughout our body. Just as the heart works without conscious thought, so it is easy to live life according to the dominant paradigm of global capitalism without questioning it.

If one wants out of the race to keep pace entirely, the choices are pretty much narrowed down to moving to a less developed part of the world or living anarchically. Though wonderfully viable options for some, they’re out of reach for most people brought up and adjusted to the western lifestyle.

Moving against the flow of western living is a lot like a blood cell travelling the opposite direction down an artery: it faces the resistance of billions. An alternative then is just to go along with the flow of life in awareness and acceptance. The soundtrack of life is already playing. Rather than pounding out our own beat to march to, we can instead create our own dance to live life by. As creator beings moving to our own unique rhythm, we’re living our lives out of choice rather than succumbing to the prevailing current. We can still be crazy in our own ways while fully accepting the flow of life.

When analyzed under a microscope, most blood cells appear to be of uniform size and shape, while others are not. Some crowd around each other, forming clumps and sit apart from the others. Like the oddly-shaped blood cells that sit apart from the rest, it’s possible to look at life from a different perspective, understanding and accepting all that is. From this alternative vantage point we can observe the prevailing dance flow as well as those who are doing dances of their own creation, while respecting all of them. On the dance floor of life we can choose dance partners who we feel in tune with by getting together in community or just consciously being aware of their existence, knowing that we have like-minded citizens flowing in the same direction, but ready to shift the flow when the time is right.