About the magazine

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Even with the Internet dominating the media-sphere, print magazines remain popular because they marry the beauty of design with the power of words. As we progress into the digital age, that’s one thing we don’t want to lose. The Mindful Word digital magazine captures the same benefits that print magazines provide—it’s a quarterly digital publication that reads just like a traditional paper magazine, but with the added features that digitization provides.

Rather than publishing a paper magazine then converting it for online use, The Mindful Word quarterly has been designed specifically as a digital publication, which means larger font sizes and proper formatting for digital devices, making it easy to read and more functional. Though some articles presented in the digi-mag will eventually appear on the website, others will remain exclusive to the magazine.

Access the current issue and the entire archive of back issues by accessing this link. To gain access to the password you first need to sign up for a free subscription.