What is mindfulness?

To be in the present moment is mindfulness. As a central theme of the Buddhist tradition, its practice dates back over two millennia, but has since spread into various other spiritual and non-spiritual forms. Visit “about mindfulness” for more.

What is engaged living?

Engaged living is about being aware of our choice to connect to our Truth, live in harmony with the Earth and in gratitude for every moment of our lives. Visit “about engaged living” for more.

Who is The Mindful Word?

The Mindful Word is a collective of individuals committed to creating a culture of engaged living. The collective is run by volunteers around the world. Publishing is just one aspect of the collective’s vision. The Mindful Word has hosted engaged living events and intends becoming involved in engaged-spirituality initiatives as the opportunity arises. Visit “about us” for more.

Does The Mindful Word publish a periodical?

In addition to our daily offerings online, The Mindful Word publishes a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for free—see the sidebar to enter your name and email address.

Do you accept advertising?

Yes, as of 2012 we have started to accept advertising on a limited basis for advertisers who align with our vision. Visit our advertise page for more information.

Do you accept guest posts?

We do not publish sponsored posts or any other form of advertorial content. Our editorial space is reserved for editorial, and advertising for advertising. We also do not publish product reviews aside from conscious media (i.e. books, music and videos). Read our editorial policy for more details.

How can I help out?

You can get involved by either volunteering, submitting a story or review or spreading the word through your personal and social media networks. If you aren’t able to do any of those we would also appreciate a donation or you can visit our Amazon store when you need to buy anything online by clicking this link (a percentage of the sale would go to us while keeping the cost of the product the same). Lastly, if you need assistance for a project you’re working on consider hiring Dew Media. Dew Media is run by The Mindful Word collective and offers editing, design and other services with 10 percent of the proceeds going back to The Mindful Word.

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