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About us

The Mindful Word is a collective of individuals committed to creating a culture of engaged living. The practice of mindfulness is the starting point for this cultural transition. Rather than exploring mindfulness in isolation, The Mindful Word aims to further integrate mindfulness in everyday life by exploring other aspects of engaged living such as the slow movement, permaculture and contemplative arts for the mindfulness characteristics they share.

The ever-changing nature of the world provides an opportunity for even the most negative seeds of war, injustice and environmental destruction to be transformed. However, our highly polarized society often does not allow for the open, compassionate dialogue necessary to transform these seeds. Rather than speaking out against others, The Mindful Word strives to speak out against injustice in an open, inclusive way.

We can choose to water positive seeds or be unaware and get overgrown by negative weeds. Launched in 2007, The Mindful Word is committed to being a forum to discuss those choices. As an exchange of ideas and a network of engaged citizens, themindfulword.org presents a community connection and acts as a foundation for the collective’s engaged spirituality action campaigns.

You’re invited to contribute your creativity to the magazine, get involved by helping us host engaged living events and take action on engaged-spirituality initiatives (contact us for more info).


Looking for an article from a specific writer? Check out the contributor profile pages below:

Kiva Bottero Erica Roberts Jane Olivier
Max Reif Jerry Kvasnicka Kathy Roberts
Aneta Baranek Pamela Gerber Cindy McMann
Angie Salisbury Catherine Lopes Orsolya Hernold
Cindy McMann Robert Kopecky Laura Constantinescu
Melissa Venditti Wanda Monague Gabriella Lancia
Megan Philipp Niyati Shah Alana Fiander
Dr. Cary Rasof Catina Noble Rachel Walls
Chandni Singh Michael Myers Kyla Giffin

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