How Children See GodOMG! How Children See God
Monica Parker
[Health Communications Inc., 96 pages]

If you have ever had questions about God (and who hasn’t?); if you have children or are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher; or if you just want to reconnect with your own early reflections on God, OMG! How Children See God by Monica Parker is a must-read.

In a world riddled with conflict, it’s no surprise people question the existence of God or turn away from religion altogether. Concerned about our children’s future and their need to believe in some form of “godliness,” author Monica Parker explores where children’s minds are at in relation to God and whether they believe in God at all. It seems they do!

OMG! How Children See God is structured around a series of questions posed to children about God and their responses. Truly “out of the mouths of babes,” the children’s answers are at once innocent, entertaining, charming, heartwarming and insightful. Here’s a peek into the book…

“Who is God?”

God is the King of the World. – Kelly, 9

Grandma is God. – Piper, 5

I think God is a big hug that goes all around the world. – Liam, 5

“What does God look like?”

God’s got an invisible head & he floats in the garden. One side is night and the other side is day and God sees the owls & bunnies and butterflies. God also rides a motorcycle but he’s playing hockey in Pasadena right now. He can do everything. – Kamran, 8

God is so beautiful you can’t see him. – Rebecca, 6

God had white hair, but he dyes it brown. – Emily, 5

“What does God wear?”

God wears a cloak that takes away people’s sins. – Dillon, 9

God wears a purple robe with a blue trimming. – Anonymous

God always wears a shiny dinner plate behind his head as well as a wrinkled sheet. – Nick, 9

In OMG! How Children See God, Ms. Parker uses her talents as an author, producer and comedian to simplify a big subject matter and to encourage dialogue. This delightful book is sure to amuse, enlighten and capture the imagination of people young and old.

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by Annette Sultana
image: God in Heaven via Shutterstock