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Hi Aneta,

I dreamed I had a young son—about three or four years old—who’d just been proclaimed king of a country in which it was cold, but didn’t snow. We were walking in a garden and I was showing him flowers. He was scared of the spiderwebs on the flowers. I showed him how pretty they were in the sun.

Then we were standing close to some cedar trees. The people around me kept asking me if I was OK, as it appeared as if I was crying. I told them I was fine because cedar trees were calming, but they kept asking me the same thing. I showed them my eyes, and underneath my eyes it looked wet, but we realized that was caused by some reaction my makeup had to the environment.

The elders of the city then called for my son. He had to come to the council chambers and make a ruling on some issue for the country. Even though he was only a tiny little thing, it appeared my son was a very wise child.

As we walked hand in hand towards the chambers, a long, narrow white tunnel made of spiderwebs appeared and we had to walk through it. There was only space for the two of us. My son was scared.

The tunnel led all the way to the door of the chambers. I showed him that it had been spun especially for us, to keep us safe. No one could see us, and no one could get in. He was fine. Then I woke up.


DREAMER: Female, 65, Cambodia


Son — an inner creative idea of the dreamer

King — an aspect of the dreamer with full authority

Garden, flowers, cedar trees — inner, subconscious mind

Sun — awareness of higher consciousness

Crying — emotional release

Chamber — place of authority and importance in the mind of the dreamer

Elders — wise aspects of the dreamer

Spiderweb = cobweb — a place that hasn’t been accessed for some time

Tunnel — a pathway within dreamer’s mind



Hello Helen,

Your dream somewhat reminded me of the story of the birth of Jesus. Its timing is very apt, given the holiday season that many are observing at the end of December.

In the Universal Language of Mind, Jesus represents the knower. The knower is one who knows the Higher Self and has fully realized his/her potential. It’s such a one who has full dominion of their body, mind and Spirit. (Note: Buddha would have the same significance.)

The son in your dream represents your own creation, a developing idea/aspect within you. This aspect is very wise and has a lot of authority (proclaimed a king). There’s much interaction within the inner subconscious mind between you and this creative aspect. This is symbolized by the garden, the flowers and the trees.

Within the dream, some parts of you perceived that you were experiencing an emotional release through crying, and yet you confirmed that the tears weren’t related to your own emotions, but rather were the outcome of a reaction your body had to the environment. In other words, the emotional release was related to an outer stimulus, not an inner one.

The wise and mature parts of you (the elders) recognized the value and wisdom within the new creative part of you that the son symbolizes. You were asked to go to a new place of mind filled with authority and importance (chambers). However, before you reached that place, you realized that doing so would require a special mental attitude, a particular approach (tunnel). This type of approach was one you hadn’t  considered for quite some time (spiderwebs).


What a beautiful dream, Helen. It has a prophetic tone to it.

If it were my dream, I’d want to understand what the son symbolizes. “He” is an inner creation that you were nurturing or discovering a day or two prior to having this dream. An example might be the fostering of your inner perception or the development of a deeper connection with your intuitive powers. Perhaps the son symbolizes the knower within you?

There were some minor fears present and some perceived emotions related to the nurturance of this developing aspect. The spiderwebs also signify that this aspect is related to areas of your life that you might not have visited for a while…

This part of you reflected in the son is very meaningful and, if tended to, has the a potential to bring about much inner (and outer) authority and wisdom in your life.

May your dreams illuminate the inner you…

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