With the release of Captain America: Civil War, millions of people across the world will be drawn to their local movie theatres. Whenever a movie based on a comic book is released, there’s big hype. People talk about it for years in advance, guessing the villain and the hero’s supporting cast. A trailer is released and a wave of anticipation washes over the American population almost as big as the movie release itself. Opening day arrives and attendance records are broken. The movie ends and hints at a sequel, starting the entire birthing process of another superhero movie.

Why are these movies so attractive to such a diverse audience? I, myself, grew up watching these movies and television shows and practicing martial arts. There’s something about the fantastical, the imaginative that appeals to everyone. It draws us out of our daily routine to entertain us, yes, but more so gives us hope and a belief in something greater than ourselves.

I’m currently training to be a superhero and I believe many of us are. By being remotely interested in these types of movies you’re developing an image of yourself that’s greater than your current state of consciousness. This is called an Ideal, or the highest image you hold for yourself.

Perhaps your image is not Captain America with his shield fighting off attacking robots. However, it could be that you strive for honour, willpower, or justice, qualities that Cap exudes. You may not want an Iron Man suit like Tony Stark but you see yourself as intelligent and witty. Black Widow’s dangerous undercover missions may be too much for you but you admire her independence, self-control and discipline.

There’s a deeper side to each character just as there’s a deeper side to you. The things you do and titles you have are your costumes, which are great, but there’s also a more profound side to you. This is realized by focusing your attention on what you’re learning and becoming through your daily experiences.

I have personally found that deeper side by practicing spiritual exercises. Through my ability to intelligently direct my mind during mental disciplines and in my daily life, my life continues to change and I come closer to becoming my Ideal, my superhero image. The intelligent direction is the key.

The exercises and lessons given in self-respect, attention, concentration, visualization, meditation and dream interpretation help the student to realize their Ideal when the student willingly gives their full attention to what they’re learning through the process. To make permanent changes this then needs to be applied in their lives. A martial arts teacher of mine once said, “It is not the art that defines the ability of the student, but the student’s willingness to practice the art.”

Throughout my life, I have seen myself and others do just enough to accomplish outward goals because of natural talent. I have also seen myself and others use talent as a foundation and strive to learn more and become the best we could possibly be. When talent, motivation, willpower and an Ideal meet, a superhero is born.

By practicing something over and over, we begin to master it. We need to offer it in some way to push past limitations and help others develop something they want as well. By giving, we ultimately receive. This is the Universal Truth behind the Universal Law of Abundance, an example of a set of Laws that govern our existence. Teaching others what we know is a great way to do this. This is reflected at the end of the last big Marvel Universe movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Captain America and Black Widow begin to train their four new recruits.

When I teach the attributes I have developed based on my own understanding and experience, I’m able to share the joy my students have in creating the life of their dreams and come to a greater understanding of the Universal Laws behind the physical laws.

For example, I have a goal list called the “Ten Most Wanted List.” It’s an exercise that’s taught in the course of study that stimulates students to learn proper perspective and a Universal Truth which states, “What we focus our attention on grows.”

At this point in time, I had studied concentration, visualization and meditation in the course of study at the School of Metaphysics for a year and a few months. I wrote on my Ten Most Wanted List to receive a job that paid nearly triple the salary I was currently receiving. A week later, I received a call from a recruiter I had not spoken to in a little over a year who wanted me to interview for a job. I interviewed for it and was offered the job, my recruiter telling me it paid double my current salary. I was excited, thankful, and thought to myself, “Wow, my estimate went a little over what I manifested. Maybe I should overshoot a little more next time to see if I can get the result I truly desire.”

I accepted the job and on my first day of work they told me I could earn up to my goal of nearly three times my original salary! I was amazed to find in two short weeks I had received a job that was the exact amount I had asked for on my Ten Most Wanted List. I know I had received this job because of the amount of attention I was intelligently directing to honing my mind with daily exercises and by applying these qualities in my daily life. I was also teaching others what I was practicing.

I am becoming a superhero. I am becoming a superhero because I am learning how to become Me, with a capital “M”—the superhero strength specializing in the Mind and utilizing it to realize my full potential and help others become theirs. I believe you can also become a superhero by imagining becoming a better you today than you were yesterday. Visualize this and take the steps necessary to make your Ideal a reality. So, for all of you who hope to be Asgardian someday, I suggest you start dreaming, and dreaming big. Happy avenging, everyone!

Michael Peter Dardanes has taught Metaphysics since the end of 2012 and directed the School of Metaphysics in Springfield, MO for two years. He currently teaches at the branch in Fort Worth, TX and is graduating the second cycle of lessons in their four-tiered program. Michael portrays Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Linus Pauling in the production, The Invitation. He is a writer and continues to contribute to a spiritual community throughout the Midwest.
Image: Marvel Avengers via Shutterstock