Last Updated: March 27th, 2019

Excerpt from Chapter 1 of The Inner Matrix: A Guide to Transforming Your Life and Awakening Your Spirit, by Joey Klein.

We often associate the term relationship with the connection we have to a spouse, lover or family member. In truth, we’re actually in relationship with everything outside of ourselves. We’re in relationship with friends, acquaintances, jobs, houses, cars and even the person who cuts us off in traffic. The very fabric of our lives is woven through the lens of relationship.

Our inner matrix and the level of consciousness we embody define the experience that we have of each relationship in our lives. Most people think that the people or things in their outside world determine their experiences in life. Our society teaches that if we have the right relationship, the right house and the right job, all will be well. As a result, we try moving the pieces on our external checkerboards to get all of the pieces in the right places. When this fails to make us happy, we think we have the wrong pieces on our board, so we change the people, places, or things in our lives.

We believe our external world is the cause of our unhappiness, because we cannot see our internal state of being. The truth is, it’s extremely difficult to see ourselves, without the right internal training and tools. Because we’re unable to see inside ourselves, we can’t change what we can’t see. To see our inner matrix and how it creates every aspect of our lives, we need powerful techniques. When equipped with the right tools, relationships serve as a type of inner telescope, enabling us to see what lies deep within and to facilitate Conscious Transformation. When we transform in this profound way, our experience of life and the relationships in our lives will radically improve.

Each time we engage someone in a relationship, an energy exists between the two of us. Although most of us have limited knowledge about this phenomenon, on an intuitive level, we know it to be true. In describing relationships, we even use common phrases that evoke a sense of this energetic presence. When two people are attracted to each other, we talk in terms of the “electricity” between them. When anger exists between two people, we often hear someone comment “you could cut the tension with a knife.” Most of us have been to a funeral or a hospital where people were grieving and heard the sadness described as “hanging in the air.”

So what accounts for our tangible experience of this intangible element of relationship? In such situations, we simply sense the energy that is the building block of everything in our world. Physics now teaches that everything in existence is made up of vibrating strings of energy. The only differentiation among these strings of energy is with regard to how each string vibrates and its rate of vibration. Quantum physics refers to this concept as string theory. On our most elemental level, human beings are merely strings of vibrating energy in empty space. Even our thoughts and emotions are actually vibrating energy. These vibrating strings or waves of energy are the building blocks of consciousness.

All living things, from plants to animals, are conscious on some level or another, but not all living things are self-aware. For example, although a tiger is conscious, it takes action from a place of instinct, not a place of awareness. A tiger does not know that it is a tiger. A tiger is not self-aware. A tiger takes action based upon its nature through instinct; it cannot change its nature or its instinct. A tiger will always do what a tiger is designed to do. It doesn’t stop to analyze whether it’s morally appropriate to kill a gazelle. If it’s hungry, it follows its instinct and feeds its hunger. It does not ponder whether it should have grass or gazelle. A tiger eats what a tiger eats.

Human beings are conscious, but we’re also self-aware. We can identify that we are human. We can perceive our own thoughts, our emotions and the sensations in our bodies. We have the ability to question our own existence and aspire to evolve beyond our current state. Through awareness, we can alter our level of consciousness by shifting how we think, how we feel and the condition of our bodies. The level of consciousness that we embody as human beings defines our experience of life and our capacity to influence the world around us. When armed with the right tools, we can create our environments instead of allowing our environments to influence and impact us.

In order to elevate our level of consciousness and expand our ability to be self-aware, we must first understand how our level of consciousness came to be what it is today. The key is to explore our inner matrix. Once we understand how our inner matrix was developed, we gain access to how that matrix functions within us and the impact it has on the world around us. Expanding our awareness is the first step to consciously transforming our lives.

Joey Klein is an internationally known personal development expert, martial arts champion and author of the book The Inner Matrix: A Guide to Transforming Your Life and Awakening Your Spirit. He travels the world teaching his technique of Conscious Transformation to support people in living healthy, happy, fulfilling lives. Learn more at and This article was excerpted from The Inner Matrix: A Guide to Transforming Your Life and Awakening Your Spirit, copyright Joey Klein.
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