Last Updated: March 26th, 2019

The Bench of Solitude

The bench holds
A view to nowhere
Looking outward
But drawing you in
To sit in the silence
Connected with nature
To sit with yourself

A place
To reflect
To relate
To conjure up
In your
Mind’s eye
Limitless view

The bench
To sit
In solitude
Nowhere to be
But with
Your thoughts
Focused inward
In nature

The bench
Holds a place
For friendship
To sit united
Nowhere else to be
No place else to go
But to share
On connecting
On the exchange
Between two hearts

Coming and Going

Coming and going
Always in motion
Arriving and leaving
Showing up and departing
The past becomes the future
The future becomes the past

In search of
Where are we going?
What have we been?
In search of
Why are we going?
How have we been?
In search of waiting for
Who we become
When we arrive

In the hectic-ness of the journey
It is easy to lose our way
Lost in the coming and going

Here and now
In the present moment
Free of distraction
Lasso the mind
Focus and
Take in and
Immerse yourself in

And the richness of
The present moment
Embracing the stillness
Not feeling lost
But sensing
Belonging and connectedness
To the place of now
The place of awe

Although the passing landmarks
Marking the spots
To help guide our journey

In the stillness
Our inner compass
Remains constant
Locking in
And holding fast
Onto a place

That we can
Always come back to
A place that
For the coming and going
We have arrived.

Gap Year—Mind the Gap

I need to mind the gap
I want to pay attention
To the space
Being present in the moment
Being lost in the past
Being focused on the future

I need to mind the gap
I want to be in a state of awareness
As I connect
To my current breath
Which connects
Me to my purpose
And connects me
To myself
And completes my soul

Being mindful about the gap
Will guide me to know and see
Who I am
From the depths of my soul

By Susan Ksiezopolski. Susan is a project management and change specialist. She recently self-published My Words, a collection of poetry that she has written throughout her life. In 1976, she was the recipient of the Writer’s Circle Writer of the Year honour, awarded to her by Marshall McLuhan. Susan was born in Italy and now lives and writes in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada.
image: amira_a via Compfight CC