Last Updated: March 27th, 2019

The following excerpts are from Kim Weiss’ book Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude, a book filled with contemplations and practices for expressing gratitude for the sun.

Even though I’m more spiritual than religious, every morning for the past thirty years I have greeted the sun with an ancient Hebrew prayer that turns my eyes and heart toward wonder, awe and gratefulness. The chanting of these words resonates deeply in the body and leaves my heart and mind open to wonder and appreciation.




Modah (feminine) or Modeh (masculine) ani lifanekha melekh hai v’kayom shehehezarta bi nishmahti b’hemlah rabah emunatekha.

Translation (more like my own version):

I offer thanks to the Source of Life for returning my soul to my body for another day of life. Your compassion and faithfulness are the sacred ground upon which I stand.

by Joan Borysenko

The rising sun, the morning star, a new day. In the Andes, the Q’ero people meet each morning with their prayers, light from light. There is a tradition I brought home from my times in Peru. Facing the sun we open up our bodies, outstretched arms, palms facing forward, breathing deep and slow, and exhaling all attachments. Breathing in light, bringing our right hand over our hearts, saying aloud, “With all my love,” then the left hand over the area just beneath the belly button and saying aloud, “With no fear, I meet the day.” May peace be with you.

by Lee McCormick

People have worshipped the self-luminous star at the centre of our solar system from the beginning of time, rendering it divine. It’s been said that the surrendering mind creates divinity and that anything you surrender to becomes a god or a place of holiness. Surrender to the beauty of nature today by standing in awe before the rising sun or paying homage to a sunset. Remember,
nature’s way is the way of perfection.

by Alexandra Katehakis

Kim Weiss (Boynton Beach, FL) has been a publicist in the book industry for many years and coaches other writers aspiring to be bestselling authors. Her love of nature and photography began when she was just a little girl and bloomed into the writer and photographer she is today.This article was excerpted from Kim Weiss’ book Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude (Health Communications: Deerfield Beach). A significant portion of the proceeds from book sales goes to AVDA—an organization dedicated to helping and bringing hope to women who have suffered domestic violence. Buy the book>
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