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I had already discovered that I had a certain gift for connecting to people and had been teaching natural healing for some time, when I made the long trek to Brazil to meet the spiritual healer John of God. I had heard his name before and a few crazy stories about what goes on, but I didn’t think I needed to go for any particular reason. He was renowned for curing cancer and other “incurable” diseases. None of which I had, thank goodness. I would later find out that many who go seeking a cure for a devastating disease agree that the real healing is far deeper.

When it is your time to visit, the spirit world has a strange way of making him known to you. This is what happened to me.

I arrived at this small, cozy town in central Brazil more out of curiosity than any real need for healing–or so I thought! I checked in at a local pousada, kind of a small bed-and-breakfast type hotel. I was surprised to find that the whole village revolves around the Casa, the healing centre for John of God. This is not a tourist spot only for visitors seeking enlightenment. No, the whole town, the hotel owners and restaurateurs are clearly avid believers. I would soon see why. After two weeks of simply miraculous experiences, it would be hard to not believe.

I’m a medium with a gift of tapping into the other side, something I believe we can all do if we would simply take the time to listen. However, when I arrived at this town, I noticed something very different. It was as if beautiful, benevolent spirits were very close, sitting and talking with me. Most people seemed to feel this angelic atmosphere. Even if they could not exactly put their finger on it, they would say it felt beautiful, warm and loving.

It’s quite obvious to even the least psychically sensitive that there are some kind of supernatural forces at work and that there’s a veil of love in the air. You know that you’re being taken care of and your healing has begun with some unseen angelic forces at play. The atmosphere is already set up for the great healer to do his work.

So, how exactly does John of God perform these miraculous healings? Most of the media attention and YouTube clips revolve around John of God performing physical surgeries. You see him cutting people open, sticking large forceps up their nose, and doing other very painful-looking procedures with no anesthetic. However, strangely enough, almost all report not feeling even the slightest twinge of pain.

If you think any of this is faked, I can tell you this stuff is real. The general public is allowed to stand two feet away and snap photos and take home videos. However, this is not the majority of the healing that goes on at the Casa. In fact, John of God says that these physical surgeries are no more powerful than the majority of the healing, which is done through invisible healing. Not unlike a deep meditation, people are healed with what appears to be simply prayers.

So how is he curing people of back pain, multiple sclerosis, and even HIV, simply through a kind of prayer? John of God is one of the rare individuals on this planet who is a full transmedium. This means that spirit doctors incorporate his body and work through him while the person John of God goes to sleep. There are a number of regular, visiting spirit doctors who work through John of God, healing people of not only physical issues but also emotional problems. They can even help with romantic and financial stresses.

People who are cured of a major illness often return repeatedly because they receive a deep and profound sense of peace and purpose with a new appreciation for life. Many times they say they received wonderful blessings in their lives, much greater than the physical healing for which they originally went.

On one particular day at the Casa I came to understand exactly what they meant. I had asked John of God for help with a business issue that was clouding my life at the time. After going in front of the great sage, I was led to meditate in a nearby chapel room while a short closing prayer was given. As I was sitting there, my mind completely occupied with my business question, I was not at all in a meditative state. Then all of a sudden, as if out of nowhere, I seemed to be engulfed by a beautiful white light. So strong and beautiful was the accompanying feeling that I instantly burst into tears of joy. This was the most overwhelming feeling I had ever felt in my life, like the feeling of being in love for the first time but a hundred times greater.

Then a voice came to me, like a man standing beside me. “But what is your higher purpose?” the voice said. The meaning behind the voice was: why are you worrying about all of this? This feeling, this moment, this is what it is like to be on your life’s purpose. This is what you should strive for. At that moment I said, “I want to share this with others.” The voice came back and said, “So be it!” Although it sounds corny, I really believe that day, for the first time in my life, I spoke to God. That day changed my life forever!

My story is not unlike many others. People who return from a visit to John of God often say it was life changing. This is a place where people are healed at a soul level. Not only can the spirits heal people’s physical issues but they heal on a deeper soul level, removing karmic ties and connecting people to their life purpose.

I would go on to lead many pilgrimages to Brazil, make a film about this great healer, and feel a lifelong connection to the spirits that work through John of God. I had asked God that day if I could share this energy with the world and I found myself in a very blessed place, helping others experience this. This now takes me to March 2013, where I’m involved in bringing John of God to Canada for the first time! Not only are we bringing the man John of God to Toronto but also the many spirits that work through him. We expect people from all over North America and further, coming in hope of a cure from an ailment for themselves or their loved ones, but also those seeking emotional healing and a deeper spiritual connection.

You might be thinking that the energy cannot be the same as it is in Brazil and surely it is better to make the trip there yourself. Of course, I would encourage anyone who can to make the trip to Brazil. But for some, Toronto is more accessible and the healing will be just as powerful. A close friend of John of God who works at the Casa said he thought that the energy at a recent event in Vienna was the strongest he had ever experienced with the healer. At another event in Switzerland, King Solomon spontaneously appeared as the spirit healer in the body of John of God.

For those of you who can’t make the long journey to Brazil, you can now come and see John of God, in person, in Toronto. In fact, as you are reading this, don’t be surprised if the spirits are already arranging a trip for you.

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Gail Thackray is a life coach, spiritual educator and author of Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God. Gail teaches natural healing and other ways to help people to develop their psychic senses and connect with Divine Source. For more information about Gail Thackray and her books, visit her online,

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