Green clean your home - infographic





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Green Clean your Home: Natural alternatives to harsh chemicals


(warm water [1 gallon] + apple cider vinegar [1/2 cup])
Wipe floors with a damp, soft cloth then use a dry cloth to restore lustre


(Baking soda [1/2 cup] + vinegar [1 cup])
Pour baking soda down drain, then vinegar. Wait one minute then turn on hot water for a few minutes


(Dishwashing soap + lukewarm water + sponge)
Sponge clothes with mixture then rinse with clean water


(Baking soda + lemon juice)
Dust surfaces with baking soda and scrub with sponge moistened in lemon juice (or vinegar)


Sprinkle onto weeds (only use on driveways, sidewalks and patios, not garden beds, since salt can leave the ground barren)


(Wood ash + compost)
Spread ash-compost mixture in garden for a soil amendment


(Dried peppermint, paprika, chili)
Sprinkle these spices where insects enter the home to act as a barrier


(Fine-grade sandpaper + wood cleaner + olive oil)
Strip away spots and mildew by sanding then apply a wood cleaner and finish with olive oil to restore the shine

This infographic was based on the article GREEN CLEAN YOUR HOME: Natural alternatives to harsh chemical products, which first appeared in The Mindful Word’s 2008 issue.