THE AWAKENING: Reclaiming creation                                                                                 Imagine yourself in the following situation: suppose you’re an invisible god-being, an eternal personification of creativity and intelligence without physical form, part of a great family of god-beings who have elected to embark on a project of awesome scope: the creation and maintenance of a world in space and time.

After extensive consultation and planning, you and your loving co-creators set up a vibrational current by means of which you draw amorphous substance together into a planetary nebula, which you then condense into a solid, physical planet. After carefully separating out various chemical elements, you recombine them to create living forms to inhabit the planet. Beginning with the simplest forms, you make progressively more complex creatures through which your spirit of life can come forth automatically and unconsciously.

Finally, you and your fellow god-beings make forms through which you yourselves can enter into the physical world to continue your creative work by providing a material point of connection between that world and the invisible cosmic cycles and forces within which it must move. You create a flexible, beautiful creature, capable of dexterous physical movement and a wide range of mental and emotional expression. Through these conscious capacities you’re able to enjoy the fruit of your creation, and to offer direct enfoldment to the unconscious life-forms in your care.

From age to age you incarnate in the physical world whenever it is fitting to do so, and through your capacities enjoy and enhance the field of your creation, filling it with the richness of your spirit. The planet you have created reverberates continuously with sounds of joy and thanksgiving, and is resplendent with visual beauty. The bodies, minds and hearts by which you and your friends incarnate into your world reflect the magnificence and nobility of your divine family character: upon your planet walk men and women of grace, dignity, radiance and might. All nature thrills to your creative word and responds with instinctive trust to your healing touch and guileless, loving glance. In order for your capacities to adequately contain the full range of your expression, you have created them with a potential for thinking, feeling and choosing. Your capacities are keenly obedient to the impulse of your spirit, and as a result know only peace, joy, fulfillment and Oneness with the flow of the cosmic rhythms to which you are permanently attuned.

But then, during the dark part of one particularly intense creative cycle, your incarnational facilities begin to move out of step with the pulse of your spirit—and hence with the cosmic rhythms—by trying to get for themselves what they think they need from the environment, rather than simply allowing the creative cycles to provide for their needs in due season. This disruption in the connection between you and your capacities causes you deep concern, because you know that if the connection is weakened further your capacities could lose all awareness of your presence and, taking matters into their own hands, destroy your field of creation and themselves with it. You seek to warn your incarnational facilities of the consequences of their self-activity, but to no avail. The mind and emotions of your physical body become addicted to a new, intoxicating  mode of function—judging for themselves what is good and bad—and begin to experience shame, and fear of your presence.

After many incarnational cycles of increasing alienation from your spirit, your capacities—and those of your fellow god-beings—become virtually unconscious of their intended purpose and concern themselves only with the satisfaction of their imagined needs for pleasure, security and power. Yet, paradoxically, by disrupting the only means by which pleasure, security and power are delivered into the world, your capacities find themselves with more needs to fill, and hence their “getting” hunger is intensified still further. Indeed, many of the wondrously designed incarnational vehicles plumb the ultimate depths of cruelty, depravity and baseness. That which was created as the instrument for the expression of love, truth and life becomes an agent of hate, lies and death.

The consequences for your incarnational vehicle are unpreventable, and devastating. Your capacities have retained an unconscious contact with the power of your spirit, but insist on using that power for their own ends, and without your conscious direction succeed only in generating chaos. All of Nature begins to deteriorate: without a means of harmonizing with the cosmic creative cycles, the world you have created becomes subject to terrible catastrophes. Your incarnational vehicle is reduced to struggling merely to survive, and the possibility of its responding to your continuing loving impulse is reduced even further. Though your capacities are merely reaping the results of their own wrong function, their suffering brings you no pleasure. You wish only fulfillment and joy for all of creation, but have no means of imposing fulfillment on your estranged capacities against their will.

You and your fellow co-creators confer on a way to solve this dilemma. The only way you can communicate with your capacities now is at their own physical, mental and emotional level: there must be at least one god-being who is able to incarnate in a physical form in such a way that that form is obedient to its creator; then its creator will be able to speak through it to the rest of the incarnational capacities on the planet, proving them with a reminder of their divine origin and an example of right function. This strategy is attempted again and again, without full success. Either the intended leader-capacities rebel against their creator and fail to carry through or the message is rejected by the other incarnational forms. Even the supreme god-being for the entire creative project incarnates and is rejected. This is perhaps the saddest occurrence since the initial rebellion; nevertheless, during his time in physical manifestation he plants seeds in hearts and minds, making it easier for future awakenings to occur.

You and your co-creator friends realize that the next step in the awakening must be taken on a collective basis: you must succeed in incarnating in a number of leader-capacities simultaneously. This plan presents several problems. The incarnation process involves the assumption of hereditary influences which carry severe distortions resulting from scores of generations of distorted and destructive function on the part of virtually all incarnational vehicles. Moreover, the despoiled environment into which you must incarnate is so full of distractions and incorrect behavioural instructions that nearly all capacities quickly become mesmerized soon after the initial point of incarnation and have little chance of discovering their true function as they mature.

You and your friends know that even if many of you incarnate together with a clear mission to accomplish, only a few will succeed in awakening their capacities to any significant degree. Yet you know that this mass incarnation is the last chance you may have to save your creative field from complete destruction. Little time remains for the world of the out-of-control human entities as the extent of the effects of their wrong function may soon force final abandonment of the entire creative project.

Nevertheless, there have been no major cataclysms for some time, so that many of the incarnational vehicles have the opportunity now to consider something beyond their mere survival; moreover, previous incarnations through  leader-beings have prepared the way, so that at this point all hearts and minds are as ready to awaken as they have ever been since their rebellion began. The mass incarnation proceeds and a few human capacities of body, mind and emotions reach maturity and begin to experience an awareness of transcendent identity and purpose. Their self-generated false identity begins to pass away, so that the creator can look out through their eyes; the god-beings in form recognize each other and begin to join together to facilitate the restoration of divine design and control throughout the planet.

As one of the incarnating party, you’re delighted to find that your present set of capacities is awakening to your patient, enfolding presence. They still rebel occasionally, reacting to their external environment, but as your heart grows calm and your mind clears, your god-being voice begins to filter through the cacophony of environmental and hereditary influences. Still, your capacities would not heed you were it not for other incarnate god-beings with already further awakened facilities who lead the way by providing an example of right function, and who speak words proceeding from the creator, rather than from eruptions of the individual and mass subconscious. You hear from them a call to remember who you are, a call that resonates with the deepest and noblest part of yourself.

Suppose that all of this has gone before, and that in this moment the capacities through which you are reading these words are sensing the warmth of your presence and awaiting your loving word. What will you say to your heart and mind? And what will be their response?


Author of ten books, including The Party’s Over, Peak Everything, and The End of Growth, Richard Heinberg is widely regarded as one of the world’s most effective communicators of the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels. Richard is a much sought-after speaker and has presented in dozens of countries and across the United States. He’s featured in many documentaries, including End of Suburbia and Leonardo DiCaprio’s film 11th Hour.