CITIZEN/SLAVE: A poem by Vanessa Bronson Citizen/Slave


Judicial System
Blood vs. Wisdom
Show me vanity
Plead insanity
Disingenuous me
Rea-L-ity T.V.

Fifteen minutes of fame
Downward spiral of shame
Text me
Sext me, not
Facebook me
So I can look hot, like Maxim hot

Tweet this
Update that
Check me in, Celebrity
Follow me, TMZ
Degrading fabulosity

Tax me
Rape me
Unemployment, debt
Occupy Wallstreet
I need m$ney for rent

Televised hate
Disenfranchised state
Sell our children

Silicone, collagen
Toddlers and Tiaras
Undivided hysteria

Got the blues watchin’ the news

Baby boomers, college degrees
Mortgage payments
Generation XYZ

Big Brother watch us
Rise above all the injustice

Love. Hope.

by Vanessa Bronson