THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream—uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

Released 11/11/11, this documentary created a furore of publicity—both positive and rantingly negative, which poses the comment that the more detractors there are (including many who took part in the making of this documentary), the more hard-hitting the facts.

One thing is for sure, it makes one think—hard and aloud—and this is the stuff excellent documentaries are made of.

Available in 10 languages, THRIVE, narrated by Foster Gamble—son of the Proctor & Gamble dynasty—and his wife Kimberley, co-creators of the THRIVE Movement—raises many issues. Interviewees include, among many others, Duane Elgin, Vandana Shiva, Deepak Chopra, David Icke and Steven Greer, many of whom have subsequently signed a statement standing by what they said, but distancing themselves from the documentary as a whole.

The documentary touches on many areas—some of them extremely controversial—crop circles, UFOs, global warming, the Illuminati, world domination by a few—and gives solutions in a “what can you do” format right at the end.

According to a review in Odyssey Magazine, “THRIVE is more than a documentary relevant to the times. It is more than a well-researched and alarming insight into who really controls how the world works. It is a recipe and blueprint for how we can, each and every one of us, thrive in the way that the rest of nature does—easily, naturally and with expansive grace. For this last point alone, it is more than worth the time to see.”

And, of course, there are the detractors—there always will be. In an article in Yes! Magazine by John Robbins titled “Disaster by Design? What’s Wrong with the ‘THRIVE’ Movement,” he writes the following:

A popular new film claims that a secret elite create our most troubling problems to advance a “global domination agenda.” … In THRIVE, the Gambles have attempted to address some of the crucial challenges of our times. I appreciate their idealism, commitment, and passion. And I agree with them about some things they state in the movie and on their website—such as that the political system is depraved, the Federal Reserve has been used to consolidate economic power, fiat currency tends to produce financial corruption and ever-increasing debt, the tax system is unfair, and enormously powerful economic interests often collude with one another to deceive and defraud the public. I stand with them as they promote the labelling of genetically engineered foods and an end to the spending of enormous sums on war. I appreciate their support for local and organic agriculture, their passion for credit unions and local banking, and their opposition to governmental invasion of privacy. They recommend many action steps that I support. But I do not agree with some of the core conclusions they draw. Nor do the other signers of the statement of disassociation from THRIVE. Duane Elgin, one of the signers, says that THRIVE “is idealistic, naive, narrow, shallow, and focuses attention away from more productive areas of engagement.”

At the very heart of the THRIVE message is what it calls the Global Domination Agenda. Foster Gamble explains:

A small group of families are actually controlling virtually every sector of human endeavour… Their agenda… (is) to take over the lives of all people across the entire planet… to collapse the economies throughout the European Union… to devalue the dollar to almost zero… and to create a one-world government, with them in charge.

The THRIVE movie and website also state that this “small group of families” is developing plans to radically reduce the world’s human population to make us “easier to manage.”

Could this be true?”

Having watched many documentaries of this ilk, I had to agree with many of the conclusions made as I have studied and researched them across a span of decades. However, I had a personal problem with the solutions: Join a movement or organization. I am not a joiner of any kind whatsoever, and anything that has “movement” or “organization” in its title has me running in the opposite direction—and researching its core values.

But, it left me asking the question—what if? (My normal state of being)

What if we all simply refused to pay income tax?

What if all gun-bearers—police, military, civilians—refused to take up arms?

What if a huge group of developers got together and created a cheap and readily available device to harness free electricity?

What if we stopped joining little groups of dissenters and activists and used the currently freely available Internet to join in a community of man to create change—at no cost?

What if we all, together …?