Last Updated: January 26th, 2019

Life is filled with moments that are good, bad, ugly, pretty, heart-wrenching, Hollywood style, and moments that cannot be described.

The good news and the bad is that ALL the moments will pass.

Embrace each moment for what it is worth and nothing more.

You will make mistakes, learn what you can and leave the rest.

And do NOT look back.

Love is something that can only come naturally, no matter how hard you try or how much money you make.

Looks are just the icing on the cake (on life). Looks are wonderful, but only for a time and will fade.

Life is beautiful and it comes in all different shapes, sizes and colours and so does everything in the world.

Money is fantastic when you have it and a monster when you owe it or do not have it. It can be important but it is NOT EVERYTHING.

Friendships, girls, boys will come and go. There will always be someone leaving or coming into your life and sometimes no matter what you do, you cannot change that.

Some things you can control and some things you cannot control. Do what you can, that is all that can be asked.

Life is a journey and is to be taken one step at a time.

There will be days when you doubt yourself and others. It is natural and it will work itself out.

You are who you are and that in itself is amazing.

Nothing lasts forever… so just be yourself!!

Love yourself today, tomorrow and always.

photo courtesy abhiomkar (CC-BY-SA)