DNA molecules

The Christian world celebrates Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday. What happened in that tomb during the reported three days following his crucifixion is anybody’s speculation. Having just finished reading The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock, I’m inclined to believe that the author has collected enough evidence from rogue scientific experiments to begin answering that question. Was Jesus’ glorified body a phantom reality?

We’re exploring the enlightening discovery that DNA is constantly absorbing light photons from a “unified field” of energetic plasma, which Wilcock calls the “Source Field” and describes as a “grid” that forms the vibrational matrix of creation. World-renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake called it the “morphic field,” and New York Times bestselling author and computer geologist Gregg Braden called it “The Divine Matrix” in his 2007 book by the same name. Spiritual teacher and transformation guru Lloyd A. Meeker, also known as Uranda, who founded the vibrational healing science and art of “attunement” in the early 1930s, coined the term “pneumaplasm” to represent this same “spirit substance,” also called “subtle energy.” Physicist Michio Kaku described it as the “Quantum Hologram” and the fourth-century Gnostic Gospel used the phrase “Mind of the Universe.” Jesus referred to it as “the kingdom of heaven” that is both within and all around us. Several physicists and rogue scientists are now documenting this subtle energy that connects all things together as a reality that exists as assuredly as flesh itself but beyond space and time in a parallel “ethereal universe.”

We have an energetic duplicate body

The Source Field creates and maintains all living organisms through a phantom holographic body that duplicates itself in the physical dimension by interfacing with and working through the DNA molecule. This molecule absorbs light from the Source Field and leaves behind phantom replicas of itself that continue to create double-helix phantom DNA that remain in existence as long as thirty days after the DNA’s removal. Jesus was reported to have lingered around for some time before his ascension, perhaps for the thirty days his phantom DNA was still maintaining a phantom body.

Phantom limbs are common knowledge, especially to someone who has lost a limb yet continues to want to scratch an itch on a limb that isn’t there. In his tenacious and exhaustive investigations, David Wilcock has documented the existence of what he calls an “energetic duplicate.”

In 1926 Dr. Alexander Gurwitsch discovered that an onion radiates “a weak but measurable ultraviolet light” from its sprouting top. He aimed the top of a sprouting onion towards the side of another growing onion and witnessed the appearance of “a noticeable bump” on the side of the second onion in the place where the first onion was pointing. The cells of this bump were growing faster than the rest of the onion’s cells. This experiment proved Gurwitsch’s theory that energy fields are found not only within the embryo, but “…they governed and regulated the growth of fully adult life forms as well.” He also believed that “all organisms are being kept alive by this ‘mitogenetic energy field,’ and they both absorb and radiate these fields throughout their life cycle.”  This same energy field is what Wilcock calls the “Source Field” in his book.

In 1984 Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered a “DNA phantom effect,” a discovery that blew the DNA model out of the waters of biological science. His experiments led to the most significant scientific discoveries in modern history. As Wilcock writes:

The DNA molecule has some bizarre relationship with quantum mechanics that our scientists have not yet discovered in the mainstream world. We now have proof that DNA is interfacing with an unseen, yet-undiscovered energy field that is not electromagnetic, but which obviously can control electromagnetic energy—in this case storing photons, even when there is no physical molecule there to hold them in place.

Gariaev’s research is mind-boggling. The idea that light can be stored goes against our way of thinking about light as something that just zips along through space at a very fast speed. Nevertheless, it appears that the DNA, acting much like a sponge or a miniature black hole, by some mechanism creates a vortex that grabs photons from an invisible energy field and not only stores them but arranges them in a double-helix spiral. But that’s not all! Once again quoting Wilcock:

The real magic happened when Dr. Gariaev ended the experiment. He grabbed the quartz-crystal container with the DNA in it and moved it out of the way. Nothing more was supposed to happen. Nonetheless, to his utter amazement, even though everything was gone—the container, the DNA, you name it–the light continued spiralling along in the same space as if the DNA were still there. Whatever was holding that light in place, it didn’t need the DNA molecule at all. It was something else. Something invisible. [/quote][quote]Something powerful enough to store and control visible light within the shape of the DNA molecule itself. The only rational, scientific explanation is that there has to be an energy field that is paired up with the DNA molecule—as if the DNA has an energetic ‘duplicate.’ This duplicate has the same shape as the physical molecule—but once we move the DNA, the duplicate still hangs around in the same spot the molecule was in before. It doesn’t need the DNA molecule to be there in order for it to keep on doing its job—storing visible light. Some force, perhaps akin to gravity, is holding the photons in place.

Wilcock goes on to speculate about the implications of this incredible discovery, as it applies, for instance, to our physical bodies that are made up of trillions of cells in a very orderly arrangement, each containing at least one DNA molecule absorbing and storing light from this Source Field. You can see here how an energetic phantom duplicate of your body will stay in the chair in which you’re now sitting as you read this for up to thirty days. This explains what a very sensitive woman with whom I was sharing a sacred sound attunement one evening told me. Even as I moved my hands away to pick up my sound tools (tuning forks and singing bowls) she felt my hands very much in place holding a point of vibrational connection over her physical body. The energetic connection was never broken. Now I know how and why!

Light in the pineal gland

One obvious implication of Gariaev’s discovery is that there’s light inside the pineal gland, something that has never been conclusively verified. When writing my book Sacred Anatomy back in the mid-1980s, however, I came upon research that I failed to document and file away, citing an incident where a fresh cadaver’s pineal gland was dissected to find tiny crystals within it that still glowed with light. Wilcock notes that when Gariaev blasted phantom DNA with liquid nitrogen, creating a sudden burst of great cold, the light spiral disappeared, only to reappear after five to eight minutes. Gariaev’s phantom DNA remained visible for up to thirty days, even after being blasted over and again with liquid nitrogen, completely challenging anything and everything we know—or thought we knew—in conventional biology and physics.

Reincarnation—an ancient belief

Putting a cap on this provocative investigation, it seems that numerous cases of reincarnation involved more than a rebirth of spiritual beings. They also may have included a reconstitution of the energetic phantom body. Wilcock concludes his investigative report in this area citing incidences where children remembered the names of many people they knew, as well as their precise relationships, without ever having contact with them or with others who knew them. “Personality and behavioural quirks carried over from one apparent lifetime to another, and the children bore a surprising facial resemblance to whomever they said they had been before. Respected academics like Dr. Jim Tucker, medical director of the Child and Family Psychiatric Clinic at the University of Virginia, have said that ‘reincarnation is the most likely explanation for the strongest cases.’”  Even the minute detail of birthmarks are said to appear in areas where our alleged former selves were mortally wounded.

We are immortal

The ultimate implication of all this is that we are truly immortal. As Wilcock puts it: “The implications are stunning, and absolutely central to the theme of this book—it means you can look yourself in the eye, standing in front of a mirror, and say ‘I will always exist,’ with a deep inner knowing that this is true. Without a hidden fear of non-existence hanging over your head, you will soon lead a much happier life. If you are willing to try out certain practices, you can have personal experiences that will confirm this greater truth for you—and which may ultimately cause you to wonder if we are all living in a ‘global lucid dream.’”

It’s recorded in Biblical recounts of Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb that his body shone as bright as the sun. This had happened before, during what’s recorded as his “transfiguration” in front of two disciples. They couldn’t bear to look upon Him and now we know how and why. Glory is the nature of our true state of cosmic being.

Dr. Anthony Palombo has been a holistic health practitioner for the past forty-eight years, specializing in health and wellness coaching, nutritional therapy and sacred sound healing. Of the latter he writes: “Attunement with sacred sound provides a carrier wave for the healing current and for consciousness in mending the connection between outer body-mind-heart with inner Source.”  Connect with Tony at www.healingandattunement.com.

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